Dear Neighbor,

On August 21st, I watched you pick apples off our apple tree for the 2nd year in a row.  And down below is what I wrote to you on that day.

Today, August 29th,  one of your grand daughters pulled my husband aside at Chevron and told him that I had been to your house twice, and had confrontations with you over a cat and over the apple tree.

#1.  My daughter is who came over to your house and asked you to unlock your shed so her cat could come out. He’d been missing for four days and she was in tears because we found him.  Her manner is very rough, she was kidnapped at age 12, and I did not see her again until she was 18 years of age.  When you met her that day, she was 22 years of age.  If you’d like I can have her apologize for her manner, but, I can tell you had you come to me or my husband right away, we’d apologized ourselves because we are trying to be good neighbors! However, I do believe I heard part of the conversation, and I don’t believe for one moment, she was out of line in anyway.

So your daughter/granddaughter or whatever her relation to you was wrong. It was not me.  How you all mixed my daughter up with me is beyond me.  I’m five inches taller than my daughter, and we are 21 years apart in age!!!!

#2. Apple Tree.  The day I trimmed the apple tree was the third time I’ve trimmed it this year.  I also trimmed the wisteria, blackberries, and an oaktree.  Yes, I left the trimmings there to make a statement.  But, I also knew that we have more bushes to pull out of the fence line in the next week or two, and that they would get cleaned up at the same time as the bushes.

Your daughter/grand daughter’s threat to pay someone to clean up the trimmings and then send me the bill is quite laughable.  As far as I am concerned she is a shit disturber who needs to learn to keep her mouth shut until she knows what is going on, and she also needs to let her grandparents handle their own business.

This has created really hard feelings.  But, then so did seeing you throw perfectly good apples on the ground because they had a bug!  And watching you take the biggest and the best even from our side of the fence.

We were going to chop down the trees anyway in a year or so, but, I can tell you if there is any more confrontation (at Chevron or anywhere else for that matter) or trouble over these trees, we’ll chop them down immediately! Then there will be no apples for ANYONE.

You know, funny thing is… if you’d asked “can I have some apples from your tree.” We’d said yes.  If you said, “we sure are enjoying your apples” We’d loved to have heard that.  A little bit of respect is all it would have taken, and maybe I would not have been so quick to trim MY trees.

Please do not think that I am speaking for my husband. He is his own person and can speak for himself. He and I do not always see eye to eye.  You may speak to him yourself about his feelings on the matter.

August 21, 2009

Dear Neighbor,

For two harvest seasons in a row now, I have sat in my backyard and watched you, or as in last year, you and your wife, come to the fence line and pick apples off my apple trees.

I don’t care if you take apples from your side of the fence, as far as I know I can’t stop that.  But, by golly, if I see you pick an apple from a tree that I have cultivated, sprayed and watered, and plan on using ALL the fruit–well, it’s MY apple tree.

(Funny how I’m so confrontaional twice, and I’ve never spoken to you Mrs…. and only spoke to you, Mr. once… while pulling YOUR bushes out of the fence line for YOU! )

It’s kind of a rotten feeling when you watch your neighbor picking fruit from your very own side of the fence, that isn’t even ripe yet.

I saw you throw what wasn’t good enough (for YOU) on the ground.  And you know, in just a few more weeks I’ll take EVERY BUG EATEN apple off that tree and trim them up and use ALL of them!

Please leave MY apples alone, Peggy

note: Peggy feels like a duck out of water up here in Oregon. I’ve come to the conclution that I don’t like most Oregonians.  I like a few of them, but not the majority of them.  I’ve never had so many troubles with neighbors in all my life.  This woman flat out lied to my husband today… and as far as I can see for NO reason whatsoever.  I don’t understand her motivations other than she must be a shit disturber.  But, I can tell you, she caused this trouble on company time…and Chevron has lost at least two customers becuase of her.  I will be filing a complaint with the manager.

I am sending the final draft (this is NOT close to the final) of this note to the grandparents, our neighbors on the west of our property…

And as much as I’ve grown to love some folks around here, if I was rich, I’d frick’n get the hell out of dodge. .cause I really don’t like it here at all!


To Whom It May Concern @ Chevron:

On, August 29, 2009 at around 9:45 am, a female employee at 292 PRUNNER RD RIDDLE, OR 97469 decided to pull my husband aside and inform him about some incidents that NEVER took place.

The fact that this woman didn’t have a clue what she was talking about is beside the point. She did this on Chevron’s time, and as a representative of Chevron she has put a very bad taste in our mouths.

We have decided to not frequent that service station until this employee is no longer working there.

My husband drives a company van and puts approximately two- thousand of miles on it every month. We live only about ½ miles away from this station, and we went there almost every day for gasoline, snacks, or other sundry items.  We enjoyed our time there,  and have befriended several of the employees there at this particular station.

Now, your company has lost at least four drivers, and a total of seven vehicles refueling over this incident.

The woman was incorrect about the information she was giving out, she was arrogant, and absolutely showed no remorse that she had upset someone, customer or not. She told my husband that she knew she should not be talking about things of this nature on company time.

My husband & I are angry at her lack of judgment. We are angry that we can’t go into a place that we LIKE to do business in, because she is there, and has created hard feelings.  We are afraid that since she feels free to disturb customers with incorrect information once, that she may do it again.

Please pass this along to the owner/manager.  If you wish, I will be happy to come to the station and identify this employee for them. Thank you.

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