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Free programs that are good for your PC.

Free/Cheap Replacements for Microsoft Office

A friend asked me about a free/cheap replacement for Microsoft Office (Word Processor) replacement. Just sharing what I wrote back to him in case anyone else needs the information: There are two really good Microsoft Office replacements— What I mean … Continue reading

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Thinking about Peter Glen (1939-2001) …

Thought about friend, mentor, and client Peter Glen today. Did some looking around and despite the fact that he’s been gone nearly 20 years, he doesn’t have a memorial at, nor a profile, or ancestry. I just felt so … Continue reading

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The Google Photo Search Features

For those who use Google Photos and don’t know about a couple of features that make sorting photos into albums easier, let me tell you. There is a feature that lets you name every face that Google finds in your … Continue reading

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Read this!

Good Day Everyone— I hope everyone is well. I’m writing about something very important. Please read the whole email.Today, I found out that a license that I deal with has been compromised. It has been used to activate the product … Continue reading

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Rogue Security Programs

Had a client come to me and tell me he had a bad problem with his computer.  It was an easy diagnosis.  It was a “rogue” security program.  A program that installs itself from various websites and software and then … Continue reading

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VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) Phones

A discussion is on-going on Facebook this morning between myself and a friend and her friends. It’s about something which I have a little bit of experience with.  I’ve used VOIP phones for nearly six years now. Basically since the … Continue reading

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Window’s Folder Templates Fix by W. Leonhard

I get a newsletter every week.  This good article came from it.  Can be very helpful!    Peg Folder templates fix Windows Explorer headaches © & By Woody Leonhard I’ve spent most of this year — I’m tempted to say “wasted … Continue reading

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Have a Cam Image (yes, mam, any cam) On Your Desktop!

Clyde and I like to see what is going on in the world.  We have web cam images on our desktop.  In this example which by the way will work with Windows XP (any edition) and Windows 2000.  Other versions, such … Continue reading

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Outlook Express: Conisder using Rules for organization and spam deletion!!

Hi Everyone, I am a big fan of Lockernome and their newsletters. I’ve been getting them for at least three or four years now.  But, there is one point, that I consider major about this article totally  missed! Rules are … Continue reading

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Try Open Office, It’s FREE

Over the years, I have used many different kinds of “office suites”.  I mean, I go way back to the good old DOS (Disk Operating System) 3.1 or before, days. I played with Open Office ( many times.  I have … Continue reading

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