Photography 2018

The last few years I have been attending Rodeo’s at Myrtle Creek and Canyonville, Oregon. I like to test and practice my photography skill on the animals and cowboys and cowgirls. Sometimes, I get incredible photos. I take 100’s of them before the day is out, and I switch lenses a lot. Here are some of my better rodeo photos from 2018. Scroll all the way to the bottom to view some lucky shots I got after showing up to a friends house in Merlin. Scroll down more yet, and see a shot of the last building standing in a little ‘ghost’ town of Remote, Oregon. As always, these photos are copyrighted 2019 to Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder, please do not use without prior written consent.

Myrtle Creek Rodeo, 2018
I love it when I get photos of the horses or bulls up in the air with dirt suspended in the air. I feel like I’m magic.
Myrtle Creek Rodeo, 2018
Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Rodeo, 2018
Myrtle Creek, Oregon Rodeo, 2018
She’s a really pretty girl, but for me, the horse is the star of the show.
Barrel Racing, Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Rodeo 2018
Myrtle Creek, Oregon, Rodeo 2018
I don’t know, this one just makes me feel like I am there…
Myrtle Creek, Oregon - Rodeo, 2018
I just think they are beautiful animals.
Myrtle Creek, Oregon ~ Rodeo 2018
I spent so much time on the broncs that I didn’t have battery left for the bulls! Dang it!

And these are photos I took with my brand new Canon the day I got it. We pulled up to a friends house in Merlin, Oregon and well, you’ll see what I saw. Beautiful opportunity!

There were 3 fawns, one older one besides these two, and two Does, one young buck.

I wish the light had not been in the way. Classic Bambi otherwise.
Two little babies.
I just want to say, “moo” or something! LOL
Remote, Oregon, Copyright 2018, Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder
The town of Remote, Oregon was for sale in 2017 for $3.5 million.,_Oregon