Alvin Cecil Rowe

Alvin Cecil Rowe was born September 14, 1940 to Orvin Earl Rowe and Lily Marie McClaskey Rowe in Silverton, Marion, Oregon, USA. He was the second of eight children.

Alvin grew up at 410 Jefferson Street in Silverton, and as the years went on other children were born in total there was Marvin, Alvin, Bobo (Alfred), James, Maurita, Alveta, and Richard Rowe.

Alvin & Marvin Rowe

Alvin & Marvin Rowe

Alvin was a typical Rowe Rabble Rouser. He was known as a fighter as a young guy. He was kicked out of Silverton Union High School after going after his principle with a piece of two by four lumber. He was taken “out to the barn” by this father more than once. Like the other “Rowe Boys” he was just rough and tough. He was a product of the time and environment he was born into.

In 1958 he joined the Army, and worked through boot camp in Fort Ord, California. He was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division in Germany as an ammunition handler in Service Battery of the divisions 9th Artillery. He also served time as a cook and brought those skills home when he had a family. When his children’s mother was ill, he fried potatoes and talked about how many potatoes he peeled In the Army! He left the Army as a Specialist First Class. Though he never saw a battle field, he Is a Veteran of the Korean War. He was presented with an Overseas Award after he passed away.

Baby Alvin

He met Patricia Lorine Coop, when he and a buddy went to Hayward, CA to visit a cousin, in 1960. They married June 23, 1961 in the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Earl O. Coop. They settled In Castroville, California close to Fort Ord where Mr. Rowe Was stationed at the time. Their first child, Peggy Ann Rowe was born in Castro Valley, Alameda, California on April 23, 1962.

After leaving the Army, Mr. & Mrs. Rowe’s first owned home was in Newark, California. Mr. Rowe worked in Fremont, California for Peterbilt Company. He soon attended a vocational school in Oakland, Alameda, California and became a Cement Mason. This was his vocation for the rest of his life. It seems as if he got great joy taking his children around on drives and pointing out buildings, “I helped build that, and that, and that….”

June 1, 1965 Mr. Rowe’s next child, Pamela Lorine Rowe, was born in Livermore, Alameda, California.

Alvin had his first heart attack in 1973. Mr. Rowe had rheumatic fever as a child and it affected his heart.  His first heart attack killed ½ his heart. Two more heart attacks, second one in 1975, and triple by pass surgery followed in 1976. During this Time Mr. Rowe had to retire from being a cement mason and instead collect dunnage from rail cars and made them into foundation stakes, selling them to local lumber yards. This effort helped to contribute more income to his family.

Mr. Rowe was a very social person and believed in taking on civic duties and volunteering. For example in 1969 He volunteered time and labor to the building of a local park, Ash Street Park in Newark, Alameda, The Daily Review, Sept. 26, 1969). He helped to roof the meeting building in the park. He also volunteered at his children’s school for jobs that he could accomplish, including cement work, and carpentry jobs (building shelves, etc.). He campaigned for Jerry Foster for Mayor of Newark. It was a door-to-door effort that he took this oldest daughter on. It was where she learned that politics could be enjoyable and feed an everlasting love of it for her.

Alvin, a cook in the Army

The marriage to Patricia lasted until 1984, when he moved back to Oregon to be close to his siblings and mother.

Mr. Rowe was an outgoing energetic man who was always, ALWAYS on the move. His cousin, Pamela McClaskey, has said he was the most thoughtful of all his siblings. He loved to fish and took his girls fishing. He loved baseball and football, and he took his girls to baseball games. One of his friends, Wayne Twitchell, at that time pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers & Philadelphia Phillies often provided tickets to the game. He liked camping, wrestling, gardening, collecting stamps and coins, and keeping up on the news. Because of his knowledge about “lite” cement he was sent all around the Pacific Northwest to do jobs.

Alvin C. Rowe

At the time of his death, he left behind two children, Peggy Ann Rowe Miller and Pamela Lorine Rowe. One grandbaby was on the way at that time, Pamela Ann Miller. Left behind also were siblings, Marvin, Alfred (Bobo), James, Maurita, Alveta, and Richard, His mother, Lily Marie (McClaskey) Rowe Lantz, and many other family members who loved him, and a great many friends.

He was predeceased by one infant sister, Baby Rowe, his father, Orvin Earl Rowe, and grandparents Alfred B. & Emily C. (Nelson) Rowe and John R. & Cordelia J. (Stuart) McClaskey.

Since his death, he has had more grandchildren born: Wesley William Miller, Desirae Marie Gamez, and Diane Marie Watson.

Biography written by Peggy A. Rowe-Snyder. Input from Pamela L. Rowe & Patricia L. Rowe, Sources include: Marvin W. Rowe, Alveta Gibboney, Pamela McClaskey.

Alvin @

Rowe Brothers: L to R- Alvin C. Rowe, James A. Rowe, & Alfred "Bobo" L. Rowe

Dad on the bike, friend Jim Mahan, & wife

Dad & His Army Buds... in Germany. Dad is wearing the light jacket

Alvin C. Rowe, days before he died.

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