Paint Me

Written about a long gone, wanna be boyfriend. Don’t miss him now… In fact, I am really glad it ended!

Written By:
Peggy A. Rowe-Miller
©March 19, 1995
Paint me a picture
Draw me a dream
Show me what is inside of you,
let me see.
All the world is a stage, honey..
You are on your mark..
let me inside of you..
let me be your friend.
No strings attached to this.
there is just the warmth from within.
Let me look in the window…
the window to your soul…
Let me see the depths,
that other people know.
And if we become lovers..
Let it be in every sense of the word.
Show me what you are…
and who,
or we can’t get too far.
I’ve been with a lot of men..
and not one has fit like you…
so let me see inside of you..
I want to make sure we fit.
Already the longing is with me…
already my body stirs…
show me, honey…
show me what you are made of within.
**Note: This poem was once considered by a country musician for a song. I never heard what happened. So, I guess nothing did. But, what an honor! Peg

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