Truth is, my best work is posted at  I’ll post some of it here with a couple cautions:

This work is mine, and I own it and the copyright.  I have high resolution copies for sale.  Please do not ‘borrow’ or otherwise take the photos without first getting my permission first.  I am a generous person, and there is a good chance, I’ll let you have it!  But, if there is a commercial venture out there that wants to use my art, I do want my fee.  Thanks for understanding, Peg

Links to my online photo galleries:

Postcards from Washington

One Medford Morning

Bird nest on the South Umpqua River @ Lawsons Bar, Douglas County, OR (Exit 102 off of I-5)

Cherry Blossom

2 Responses to Photography

  1. Rob says:

    I have always thought Cherry Blossoms were beautiful and you caught a great shot of them there.

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