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Thirty Five Years Ago Today…

My father passed away from chronic heart disease. He had congestive heart failure due to a heart weakened from rheumatic fever as a baby, genetic weaknesses, caused by familial inherited (very) high blood pressure.  He had coronary artery disease and had … Continue reading

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Dear Bleeping Computer

Dear Bleeping Computer: received this today from: Greenwise Debt relief. BTW, your freaking pictures you use for someone to prove lack of robotness are crap. I’m nearly 60 and can’t see them. And they are so low resolution that I … Continue reading

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73 Years ago, Today…

73 yrs ago today, Americans dropped the bomb @ Hiroshima. When I was a kid learning this, it was ancient history. 73 years ago, is less than 20 years from my birth date. Have we as a species learned anything … Continue reading

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