Culture Has EVERYTHING to do with who we are!

There is ‘culture’ to every level of our society from a National Culture (which explains ethnicity habits) all the way down to Family Culture.  We might guess that a person wearing those neatly woven, and highly colorful duds might be from a mountainous region in South America if we know anything about culture! (Study the clothing of people from Guatemala!)   Family Culture is a mixture of the cultures that folks who create the family bring with them. The environments the people live in affects culture. The weather affects temperatures which in turn affects clothing styles.  The soil that is cultivated or not affect the diet of the folks living upon it.  These are just two examples of how environment affects culture.

I know that in my background I have the following ethnicities: English, Dutch, German, French. Along with the following religions: Quaker, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Apostolic, Mormon, & Seventh Day Advents.  With those folks who came together to make me, well me…came a fine melding of habits, ritual, dress, & drink. Expectations from one family to another could be quite different and could cause a big stir… or in the words of my elders, a “big stink.”  One side of my family considers the other side, “uncivilized,” or “wild.” This all affects us as we grow into our places in our families.  The good, bad, & ugly takes it’s place in our psyche.  Even habits from yesteryear affect us to this very day! It’s truly amazing!

These two pages really go together:

Cultural Values Summary

Four Regional Cultures in Anglo-America: A summary

I will add more information as I get to it.  Thanks for looking. 🙂 ~Peg

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