*MY* Soapbox!

Warning: Pages that come under this heading are explicit in details.  If you are easily offended, or just plain grossed out by gross stuff, you might not want to read the writings herein.

Having said that… the following pages are about subjects that are near to my heart.  My rants, my process of educating myself about issues that I have had to live with, or grew up with, or whatever the circumstances were.

I’m a people person. I watch people, I study people, and I’ve taken a few psychology classes.  (Very few).  Some of the experiences written about are mine, or some that were witnessed.

What I do share, I share in the spirit of sharing, & educating.  I once had an old boyfriend (who wasn’t quite yet a boyfriend) didn’t like that I talked so freely about, for example, childhood sexual abuse.  And as I explained to him, if every one didn’t talk about it like most people do, then others would not know it is wrong, or what to do.  It must be discussed.  People must be educated, else how will we protect our children?

Nothing here is new, though at the time this stuff written it was new to me.  Or, the name was new. Believe me there was nothing new in my life about Domestic violence.  I grew up with it. But, what I didn’t know growing up was that it had a name, and that it wasn’t ok.  I didn’t know throughout much of my 14 year first marriage that I could say NO to it, and divorce it to get away if necessary.  I had no clue there was NO EXCUSE for Domestic Violence.

So, this me preaching what I have learned. Sharing in hopes of that it may help prevent some hurting folks somewhere.

Have a great day! Peg

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