Decency in Dress

I had an ‘experience’ recently… which kind of naturally leads to a rant…

Was driving down the road in front of Roseburg Forest Products in Dillard, Oregon.

The image is pretty nasty.  I saw this guy once, tarping up the top of a sawdust trailer — OMG, he was HUGE.  How he got on top of that trailer is beyond me.  And I can tell you, at least 1/2 of his butt was hanging out… at LEAST.  I was sooooo grossed out.  Here I was having a perfectly happy day, riding down the road, looked up and got an unexpected eye full! In the long run, I had decided I wish I’d had a camera.  I would have posted the photo just to try to embarrass the driver, and the company he drove for. (Not necessarily Roseburg Forest Products)

It was then and there, that I decided I had no problem with someone coming up with some kind of “Decency in Dress” legislation! LOL..  Barf!!! LOL

I have a 20 year old son.  He seems to think it’s ok to go around with his pants around his hips (& they are barely there).  I agree with my neighbor lady, at least the young ones are wearing undies!  That, thankfully, includes my son.  But, I still think it looks stupid and I wonder have these kids thought about if dressing like that is going to help them on their job search?  Does it really impress the girls?  I know one thing, if I guy I met asked me to marry him, and I knew he showed “butt crack”, the answer would be
a resounding NO.   They’d be too redneck for me!

Even from a practical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense.  Doesn’t having your pants down that low hamper movement?  I mean, can you run at top speed?? Hope you are not attacked of course, but one never knows what the future holds.  Don’t become a thief & have droopy drawers! I would think the police will catch you quite easily!

Has anyone explained the history of “droopy drawers?”  That they came in vogue firstly behind prison walls?? That they allowed easy access in regards to the ‘bitches.’ The rapists got what they wanted faster & easier.  So, it is the loud and distinct sign of subjugation, victimization, & the power play.  I can picture some poor guy cowering in a corner!  If he were a pedophile, rapist, or murderer, I could live with the image.  But, not every person in prison are that kind of criminal.  Can you imagine anyone wanting to actually promote this by wearing their clothes in this manner!!!!

Yes, it seems very stupid, but I am in favor of some kind of controls.  Maybe I will write up a new “Decency in Dress” legislation.  DID for short!! DID ya know them pants pull up, feller?  heheheehehe!!!  DID you know, feller, that thar are such things as belts, suspenders, and the like.  Hell, even them thar ropes they use to tie up a haybale will work!

C’mon buddy, spare us gals!  Didn’t yer momny teach ya decency??!!!

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