Little Light & Expressions of a Flame

Expressions of a flame

Little Light

©February 9, 1995

I am on MY way!!
As I ran from all of life’s pains…
no matter how hard I tried to throw it away,
It held on to me.
This little light,
this little soul,
a guardian angel???
It would not go away.
Lately it comes to the front..
and guides me just a bit,
and I ask it where do I go???
It says, in a beautiful way,
“Just keep going, you are on the edge,
you will finally find it; contentment.”
This little piece of me,
who watches me fall on my face,
and reveals the days when I act with grace.
This little light..
who shines it’s own light..
who has the power to make it all right..
Is truly the hardest lesson in life..
one to be relearned and relearned over…
that when we can hold ourselves..
and not argue with those within,
then it will lead us to good times..
and simple calm.
A calm so quiet,
so reassuring,
that one wonders..
how did we ever loose sight
of our little lights,
that shines

The Expressions of a Flame

©November 6, 1995

The expressions of a flame

as it dances to and fro.

Sometimes it dances high,
and sometimes it dances low.
Reflections from the glitter,
a million shining stars.
Look inside the flame
and discover who YOU are…
Some flames high and mighty,
too proud to even take a bow.
Some flames seem to flicker
here, there and now.
Some flames very tiny,
weak they seem to be,
deprived of its sustenance.
Oxygen, it can’t breathe.
But, when they shine their brightest
of pure light and strength,
Only, then we see their beauty,,
The Golden dance of life.
It’s more than a fire,
and more than a flame,
it’s a guide to human nature
a lesson from a flame.

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