A collage I built in 1999 after hearing that pilot Gary Levitz had died in plane crash at the Reno Air Races.

I have several memorial pages that I built, probably because it is my way of mourning a loss of someone who was close to me in some way.  I’ve also built them for family members who I’d met and knew, but was in all reality more important folk to other members of the family. Either way, I felt that, in some way, each person deserved recognition.

Of the millions and millions of people on our planet the truth is that once we are gone, our memory kind of fades away.  Leaving an electronic memorial is my way of helping that memory to last a little bit longer.

Memorials at this point for me though is a two point process.  I have a few pages here.  When I loose someone really close this is where I work out those horrible feelings of loss.  But, these memorials and others ultimately end up over at When I have the money, I try very hard to have the ads taken off the pages of loved ones over there. ($5.00 per memorial removes ads for forever, or at least for as long as the website lasts)

On this page I’ll put links to memorial pages that I have here, and to the ones on .

Please note that I do my best to be accurate in all my work.  But, being 100% human, I have a tendency to err.  If you notice some information that is incorrect, please feel free to  send corrections.  Thanks! ~Peg

Alfred Lee Rowe

Alveta Lorene Rowe Gibboney

Lily Marie McClaskey Rowe

Pearl McClaskey Horton Downs

Thomas Earl Coop

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