Gosh DAMocles!!

(or: this is not a Whore’s Hair!)
note: I found my first gray hair. What am I to  do? Have a sense of humor and have fun with it! I am forced to admit, not everyone understands me. LOL. My ex-husband had within the past few days referred to me as a whore, hence the full title.

s it any wonder,
that my sanity
hangs by a mere thread;
Or even dare I say,
A simple,
GRAY hair!

I am forced, again,
to face my mortality,
on yet another level.
It’s time to find
a kind of humor
that lets me laugh
at this unsightly thing.

Dye MY hair,
or be Au Natural!
That the question be!
I gave myself this silly choice,
Grow old with dignity
I’ve entered that Silver Eden,
Where wisdom supposedly
constantly pays….
Today, I play
on clouds where
the silver linings lay!
I guess no matter what I choose,
since I MUST make this choice,
that blonde or gray,
I’ll still be me,
Cry first,
Ask questions MUCH, MUCH later!

Gosh, DAMocles!
The SHOCK of color upon my head,
GRAY or whatever I end up,
I’ll be the one laughing,
On the clouds or in my bed!
A Peggy A. Rowe-Miller Adventure

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