George Rowe, Jr. & wife, Olive Bumpus

Bumpus & Rowe's of Hebron, Oxford, ME (thanks to: Janice McDonald)

We have no pictures of George Rowe, Jr. or his wife, Olive Bumpus.  At least none that I am aware of.  But we do have records that tell us where they were born and lived.

I’ll present the facts that I do have.  Then one day I hope to find what legacy these two people left.  In the meantime, here is some fun stuff to know about my great great great grandparents.

Warning! This page is under construction!

It looks like George was born in Barrington, Strafford County, NH around 1790 (per census record)

This record may or may not apply:

1890 ROWE GEORGE W. Strattford County NH 001 Barrington NH 1890 Veterans Schedule NH38711256

Olive was born in 1791 at Hebron, Oxford, ME and we can find her birth record through

It seems as if Olive had a first husband.  His name was: Silas DOAR. The marriage took place in Dec 1813 and was of the Civil kind.  The marriage happened in Dixfield, Oxford County, Maine .  We do not yet know what came of this marriage and why it ended, though I suspect it ended due to the death of Mr. Doar.

Olive married George on October 01, 1816, in Moscow, Somerset, Maine.  It doesn’t look like she brought any children with her.  And she had a bunch for George!  Olive has some American hero’s in her ancestry.  She can say that one of her 5th great grandfather was Richard Warren.  And he was a pilgrim who really did come over on the Mayflower!  She is also descended from one Edward Bumpasse, he came over on the ship called Fortune in 1621.  Edward was a single man when he came to the New World.  The ship he traveled on, The Fortune landed also in Plymouth.  In fact, it was the 2nd ship in to the colony. The Fortune landed just a few weeks too late to be apart of the first Thanksgiving.  But, Richard Warren was there!   Another ship, The Anne, which landed in Plymouth in 1623, brought with her Robert Bartlett, and Richard Warren’s wife, and child, Mary Warren.  Olive Bumpus Rowe also descends from these folks.

To ties this all together for today’s folks.  My father and his siblings grew up hearing that they descended from Pilgrims. But, no one knew from whom.  Today, I am able to joyfully submit to you that this is part of our history.  🙂 Enjoy!!

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  1. Mary Brown says:

    Hi Peggy,

    I wrote to you a few years back regarding the Rowe Family. My GGG. Grandfather was George Rowe, Jr. who married Olive Bumpus. Their son George III married my GG Grandmother, Martha Ball. I descended from their daughter Phylena who married James Beane and their daughter, Gladys who married Harold Pierce and my father, Lewis who married my mother, Hilda Howe. I have been working on several lines the last few weeks and find that many of my family were inter-connected. My other Pilgrim grandfather was William Brewster. All very fascinating!

    Do you have an original copy of the above picture of the Bumpus family? If you do I was wondering if I could buy a copy from you?

    I hope you are doing well and that I might stay connected to you so I can share any findings with you.

    Mary L. (Pierce) Brown
    78 Stream Road
    Moscow, ME 04920-3328

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