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All things Maine, the midwife, and a friend…

A lady friend, Mrs. Tipton of Umpqua, gave me a book about a year ago (or so). I have been so busy, that I am just now picking it up. And I have no time now for it, to be … Continue reading

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My Newest Rant

Mental Illness, Drugs, and **MY** Kid! My open letter to representatives.  This was sent to Federal, State, and County levels, including the local District Attorney! It also went to committee members of the Oregon State Legislature where we live. Part … Continue reading

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Just a LITTLE Note, Bahahahaha…

Today is my oldest’s birthday. She was born 26 years ago today, after over 24 hours of labor. Labor that was induced. I had been hospitalized for two weeks prior. I had toxemia, today known as Pre-Eclampsia. My blood pressures … Continue reading

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Our Holiday Season

This Holiday Season has been a really busy one for this family. I suppose I should say, for me.. since I am the chief cook and bottle washer in my little corner of the world. My holiday season doesn’t start … Continue reading

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