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It all comes down to one point…

I understand that friends and family (some of them) wish that I would shut up. Just know that I can not and will not. Continue reading

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Childhood memories…

Clyde and I were watching tv tonight. Kids on TV got sent to detention. Which got me thinking, and I asked him, is that how detention is, I never went. LOL! He had a little bit of trouble believing I … Continue reading

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History bites us in the a**

My mother said, “I was afraid that Jack would divorce me and marry her, so I had to protect myself.” The other ‘woman’ was all of seven years old on that day! Continue reading

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The Old Days…

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Mike’s Drive Up (aka Mike’s Garlic Fries!)

Clyde and I recently got our first orders of garlic fries here. Just wanted to say that we liked it and recommend it! It’s in Eureka, CA Article from Here: http://www.eurekareporter.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?ArticleID=27429 Mike’s Drive Up: Reliability in a world of change … Continue reading

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