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Gearshum & Sarah Caroline Palmer Vanatta

After serving in the Black Hawk wars as a private in the P. Butler Company,  this  Dutch, Baptist  farmer and his wife  came over the land from Pennsylvania to Mercer County,  Illinois.  It was here that he met his wife, Sarah Caroline Palmer an Indiana native and married her.

They spent a few years in Illinois and the family as a whole (Gearshum’s siblings, etc. ) really made a name for the themselves.  There is a town named Vanatta, etc.  But soon enough it was time to move on.   In 1854, they next moved on to Oregon via covered wagon.  Like so many before and after them they traveled along the  Oregon trail.  The train they were on was known as the Macy Train finally came to a stop in  Linn County.  Again they owned land in Linn County.

Their final residence was in  the city of Brush Prairie, Clark County,  Washington where they moved to in 1863. In Brush Prairie they again owned land and  finished raising  their children.  Here they helped start the Brush Prairie Baptist Church and donated the land that the Brush Prairie Cemetery now on resides.  This is where Gearshum and Caroline are laid to rest.Gearshum and Caroline Vanatta  are the mother and father to my great-great grandmother Mary Vanatta who was married to Essalum Monroe Hall.  Mary and Essalum had several children one of which was named Daisy Viola Hall.  Daisy married Thomas Willard Coop. One of their younger children was named Earl Otho Coop…  my loving, beloved grandfather.

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Read Early Memories by one of their grandchildren:  by: Irene Clark Davis.

Gearshum & Sarah’s daughter married a Clark, hence the inclusion of Grandma Clark’s Riddles.

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