The Toe-tality of Truth

Note: Fell 25 April 2023.  Wrote this piece 25 April 23, updated 26 April 23. As if it mattered!


Fell down night before last.  Hurt like…well, it hurt a lot.  My foot.

Started getting ready for bed.  Took off my sock, and said, “Um, Clyde I think I broke my toe.”   At least I waited until the day after my birthday to fall down yet again?

I realized yesterday, every time I fall in this house it’s on the same set of stairs.  Two whole stair steps.  I don’t know what happened this time.  All I know is suddenly I was falling.    I really fought crying.  I said it hurt right?

Anyway, after removing my sock I realized why my foot had hurt so bad. Clyde looked at my toe.   He decided I needed an ambulance.  I said no, I’m not bleeding to death, you can call Diane or you can call our house guest, they both drive.  He called Diane.  So, she drove us both to ER. 

First gal (nurse), in triage who saw my toe, and well, her face told the whole story.  Nuff said. 

Next nurse who saw it started to say something, and I said, “Just stop! I don’t want to know.” Of course, I say this in a joking kind of way, but in a way, I meant it too.  I had seen the toe, I was quite aware… I think I didn’t want it rubbed in.  She gave me a thumbs up, and told me, “It’s gorgeous.”  Clyde and I really laughed at that one.   I have to say though, It sure reminded me of when my oldest kid would run her hand through her hair and say, “gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-geous” (Thanks to that Brecks commercial, she was the cutest thing.)

Then the xray guy comes in and he says, “I’m assuming under normal circumstances that that toe lives straight up like the others do.”  Had to laugh! Had to! 

All I can say, is that I’m glad, so glad that it was a slow night, and as Diane put it, I had no competition.  I was in and out of there.  The x ray verified that I had dislocated it, and the remedy is to give the toe a good tug and put it back into place…. with NO PAIN MEDICATION.  I can tell you the idea of no pain killers was absolutely freaking me out! But, the doctor did pull it out without any pain killers, and really there wasn’t much pain.

I had closed my eyes, and hid my face, and prepared myself for the worst.  I opened my eyes when I realized it felt like he was going to pull me off the end of the bed. LOL.  Maybe he wanted me to open my eyes? I don’t know.

That having felt pulled like I was going to go off the end of the bed reminded me so much of when women have their annual exam.  The doctor tells you to put your behind down on the edge of the table.  “Just a little more…. come on, just a little more….yup, a little more… ok, a little more….” You end up feeling like you could fall off the table.  LOL…  So, yea, whatever the goal was, I opened my eyes and asked the doctor what he was doing! LOL

What I know is that I only taken pain killers twice yesterday and that was so I don’t have to feel the pain.  Not that it was so bad.  I know I have a relatively high tolerance for pain, but I also know I’ve reached the point where if I don’t have to deal with it, I’d rather not.  So, my toes are buddy taped together.  I had never heard that term before last night. 

Just got out of the shower and discovered I have a purple toe.  Lol.  Oopps.

I’m hobbling a little, but I AM hobbling!  Yesterday,  I could not stay awake to finish my homework to save my life. 

I’m going to buy those sticky things that you put on steps to keep them from being so slippery.  Clyde decided that we are moving back to the bedroom. The living room is going back into the dining room, or what was originally the living room.  The garage will go back to being a garage, eventually. The cat tree has to be moved from by the front door so ambulance crews can get him out. 

Our grass still needs mowed. I literally have grass hip high! I can’t get our mowers started.  Had a guy come to help.  He could not get the big one started at all.  The little one he got started, but, it’s got clouds of black smoke coming from it and it runs rough.  I ordered a carburetor for it yesterday, and I am going to become a lawn mower mechanic really soon.

Hopefully, Clyde can see good enough to at least kind of guide me.  I don’t expect him to actually work on it.  I watched a video on it today, looks easy enough.  So, I’m off this foot for a week or two.  Grass will grow taller, and we’ll all survive it. LOL….

Hope you found a smile while reading this.  Have a good one! PARS

In commemoration of my purple digit, I have on purple socks. My favorite color!!


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