McClaskey Murder Write-Up 1921

McClaskey Murder Write-Up 1921

January 6, 1921


Special Venire of 100 men To …
He summoned from Which
To Select Trial Jury.


The case of the State of Missouri vs. Daisy McClaskey, charged with murder in the first degree in the killing of her husband on the morning of November 15th, was called by Hon. Fred Lamb, judge of the circuit court soon after the convening of court Monday afternoon.

W.F. Calfee, prosecuting attorney, John W. Clapp (Note: John Clapp is a brother to my great great grandmother, Rozzella Clapp McClaskey) and J.P. Painter, employed as special prosecutors, appearing for the state and A. G. Knights of Trenton and D. M. Wilson of Milan represented the defendant.

After a brief discussion by the court and the attorneys, it was agreed that the case would be set for hearing at the opera house on the second Monday of February next and an order was made for the sheriff to summons a special venire of one hundred men from which to select the jury of twelve who will set as jurors in the case.

The case has already and will attract a great deal of attention and it is likely that citizens from different parts of this county, as well as other counties, will attend the trial.

Both sides are represented by able and distinguished attorneys and the case will be thoroughly contested.  Some of the ablest trial lawyers in North Missouri are arrayed against one another and  it is likely no advantage will be gained by either side.  The trial will no doubt be conducted along high-minded and legal lines.

The standard only wishes, as all other good citizens do, that justice will prevail.

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