An Heirloom of Rhymes

I seek a Bloodline, my Family Tree
An heirloom of lives unknown to me.

To every life there was a season,
There was a Rhyme, there was a reason.

And as time comes and then departs
So do our lives, but not our hearts.

Generations will surely record the seasons
Reveal the dates and offer reasons.

But only hearts can sense the Rhyme
For hearts go on beyond their time.

I’ve found a kinship just in knowing
That spring Rhymes saw the same sun as autumn.

For I sang my Rhyme beneath the same sky
As did my kin, so Will my child.

Who were the ones who left this trail?
In my search I cannot fail..

But grasp a legacy solely mine.
For Who I am, is in the Rhyme.

Printed here by permission of the author.
Copyright © 2000 by WW, all rights reserved.

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