A View of ‘God’

Some view ‘god’ via life’s conditioning or by an assessment of evolving science and proven facts, while others do so via myths. Some blend these and other perspectives. Albeit, there is no ‘god’ as good as the one we believe in. Mine is Incomprehensible, Illuminating, Invisible, Interactive (as motion and Being), Integrative (as galaxies), Intelligent (beyond human knowledge; we have only tapped the surface) and Infi- nite (even that is a finite word when it comes to delineating my ‘god’). Inspiring, Indescribable, not Intimate! I am merely a minuscule parti- cle—a fleck in the mix of an Interchangeable Energy. __DWB

(Above is borrowed from a cousin)

There is most definitely a power out there that is greater than our own. Just how much intelligence it has, is in all reality a conjecture. Our human best guess is all we can really come up with.

What is a song but a dance of the voice expressing the feelings within.
(note to self, PARS)

But, we live in a Universe where some power holds it all together, and I have a tendency to call that love. There is actually order to what looks like an infinite chaos to our eyes. Look up to the heavens in the night and in the darkness there is always light. Sometimes more, sometimes less but no matter what your travails look like, there is light. I have a tendency to see that has hope. We do know that what we live in this system we call the Universe has been here for a long time. We might even dare to say forever, at least compared to our own finite lives. I have a tendency to view that as determination, tenacity, the will to live. I see the moon, and a smile on it’s face, as it acts like a nightlight for the night, I see that as comfort. When the sun comes up and fills the world with its heat, and gives us the gift of each day. Such is warmth, something akin to a gigantic hug. The lakes of the world sparkle and twinkle in the light of day. It looks like fairies dancing in the sun. We are they, and they are we, limitless energy… we dance in the light, and if we do not, we should. Rejoice that we’ve made it to the next day. We dig the soil to plant our gardens and the aroma of the dirt is heavenly. There is no such thing as dirty dirt. A requirement of life, and it can be healthy or not, but it is still soil and it gives us the gift of renewal each and every year. We are surrounded in green and blue. Nature’s colors, the gifts of a living planet with forests and oceans both teeming with life. Such is the beauty, something I call home. It feels unbreakable but it is not. We have been given free will, and we test our limits and boundaries constantly. I for one, see God in every glance. No matter what is in my view there God is. Something that is beyond a gender or sex, that understands the trauma and grief we sometimes refer to as life, that hears our tears and our laughter and still chooses to bathe us in light every day and night to remind us that his or her existence is near. The rainbow became the promise. But, the light is an every moment reminder. Look up, look up – see and feel warm hug. ~PARS

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Professional PC Consultant, Researcher, & avid people watcher, Peggy Ann Rowe started into her genealogical quest at age 15 after watching the mini-series, "Roots" with her parents. This new obsession has fueled her love of history, & study of cultures & societies in every epoch. Today she is 57 years old with four kids who are all grown up (& all have flown the coop). In between her 'gigs' with clients she volunteered at many different non-profits. Former President, Secretary, and Director at Large on the board of the Douglas County Historical Society for 10+ years, and former Secretary at the Cloverdale Historical Society (Sonoma County) for nearly 10 years. This website is an attempt to share the knowledge she has gained about her family ties with others who may be interested in the same things. She does not guarantee 100% accuracy and does hope that you will send corrections. To learn more about her, click the "about" button in the page menu. Thanks! Another goal of this website is to disseminate a message (i.e. education) about domestic violence, child abuse, and all forms of sexual abuse to society at large. The message comes from real experience from the whole spectrum of the violence from sexual abuse by a perpetrator to sexual abuse perpetrated by a husband, to the abuse of children within the family. Peggy has seen it, lived it, and been hurt by it. There will on occasion be details that might be hard for some people to read, and a warning is usually posted at the beginning of the essay so that those who want to turn and not read may do so. The only way to teach and to let others learn what to avoid is to SHARE what happened with every detail necessary to make the point. Thank you.
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