How the Ukraine Situation is not like WWII

The short summarization is that NO, Putin’s “war” with Ukraine is not like WWII. (Or Hitler with his Nazi comrades)  We know this is true because this is not in the least based on hating some other race or ethnicity of people, but because it’s about taking back influence that the USSR once had in the world.  (Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?)  It is not about making some heaven on earth where superior people can live.  I am unsure that Putin cares about the wants and needs of the people living under his wing.

One of the things that did remind me of WWII though, (and nope, I am not contradicting Prof. Travis in the least, just adding another layer, I think) is the propaganda.  Not that the words are the same because they are not.  But the usage is the same—and one other probably little thing I noticed in terms of the propaganda. Putin has tried use propaganda to legitimize what he is doing.  Unfortunately for him, the world sees right through the idiocy of the argument.  He is an incredibly arrogant man if he thinks he’s fooling anyone.  Having now added my 2 cents worth, it seems that the man used the propaganda for what propaganda was designed for, establishing (an unworthy) justification for a military action, AND he acted upon it just as he had intended.  That would be a similarity to – modern war that I can think of.  (Not that I am any expert, I am not)

The nuclear option being thrown around —is being thrown around only to keep would be players off the field.  In his mind, this is Putin’s game, and he doesn’t want anyone running interference for Ukraine.
I watched this video back-to-back with one that my son sent me a link to, where former General Petraeus was being interviewed.  My husband was in the Army when he was a commander.  (not that it matters) — not sure I agree with him in terms of giving the man an out.  I understand why he says that, but I’m not too agreeable to let a bully walk off the playground with a slap on the wrist (I am probably not one of those cooler minds that should prevail).  I am, however, hoping that what Putin has done doesn’t send the world into recession which only increases the chances of wars and major disagreements between peoples.  The same can be said for the sanctions, even though, I do think personally, it was the right thing to do.   If they work, then maybe it sends other would be bullies a convincing message that they can’t always get what they want, and the world just won’t accept the actions of a violent bully anymore.  (Thinking China/Taiwan, and North Korea)

Thank you, Prof. Travis for talking about this.  I have so badly wanted to ask.  But I didn’t not want to take up your time with something that really doesn’t apply to class.   I really appreciate the insight.  I am thankful that you shared your knowledge. 🙂  (P.S. shared your video with my kids)

I think we need to get Mick Jagger to serenade all the dictators of the world.
?? “You can’t always get what you want.” ??


Big thanks to Professor Phil Travis (Week 9, factoid, customized)

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