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STOP! Do NOT pass GO! Do NOT collect $1200!

I had a kind of ephiny today. Sort of. Clyde and I talking about stuff on the news. I went back to what I was doing asking myself just why the Republican’s thought they could actually do what Clyde and I had been talking about. I was kind of tossing that around in my head when I remembered a conversation I had with the major donor at the historical society. She and I were having a conversation about the Vice President of the society and how the artifacts in storage were being mistreated and also, about how he was planning on hiring an unlicensed, non-contractor, and ex con to fix the roof on the museum.

I had just been relieved as President of the society, by the Vice President — but while President, I had decided against this suggestion as following through would have been unethical, and more than likely ileagle. The lady had me repeat, she was elderly and a bit hard of hearing. I repeated. She thought just a little bit and then she came back with, “I don’t give a damn how it gets done, I just want it done!” I was taken aback! Shocked would be the proper word. She didn’t care about the abused artifacts or the potential for dishonest tax forms either.

Fast forward a year and a half or so, and Clyde was having a conversation with a friend who is a known to us Trump supporter. We were at his home. The news was on and Clyde made a comment about Trump and that was the first mistake. The friend said something, and Clyde answered with a kind of, “yea, but….” The friend yelled at the top of his voice (I know, I was there and heard it two rooms over really loud and clear) — “I know he’s an ass, but he’s getting what I want done.” Said friend attends a Lutheran Church in Roseburg which I believe is probably conservative leaning not that is the point.

The point is that I realized today that what I am a witness to is the problem with society today at least in the United States. Maybe it has always been the problem, but I can tell you I’ve never seen it until the 2016 Presidential campaign. Somewhere along the line the Christians on the right decided they could justify any behavior to get what they wanted. Oh, did I mention the big donor attended the same church as the friend… I knew them both, but they did not know I knew the other. Now, along with Christians we have bigoted (some who are also supposedly Christian) people who think that white supremacy is ok, misogyny is ok, racism is ok… obviously child abuse is ok, because NO one is talking about the photos taken of Trump with the teen girl on a BED on Epsteins private island! These photos have been circulating for years and years!! Long before he was thinking of running for President (I mean, seriously that is).

So, the ephiphany in my mind, and I’ve heard this before, but now I have my own example is that Trump is the symptom. He is not the problem. In and of himself, he is pretty harmless. “WE” as a nation gave him permission to f* us over the way he has. (Remember, no one can take your power without your consent theory?!). And the logic “we” used was that we didn’t care how it got done, we just wanted it done, even by an ass.

Both the vice president of the historical society (Ken Deatherage, who also attends that same Lutheran Church in Roseburg) and the donor are old enough to be my parents. So, they can’t blame the mess on the younger generations. My guess is they inherited the attitude from their parents. Or maybe they just relaxed because their own lives became so cushy. I really have no clue. Our friend, also has a pretty cushy life but he worked for it, either way he see’s the ‘right’ way as the only way. There just is NO middle ground. He spoke very loudly and made himself quite clear that he was willing to pay the price for what he wanted.

In the end, my guess, is all these people will soon be asking themselves what the hell happened. When did things get so out of control? The answer is going to be, it was your vote that let the Geni out of the bottle. Regardless, it is the truth, the man is the symptom of a larger problem. In general our country, has lost its value in ethics, proper morality, the golden rule, you name it. Or perhaps its the top 1% who has lost it. Either way, you’ve got your sign.

Coming Next:  Two of my kids are direct descendants of Anse “Devil” Hatfield.  He is if I recall correctly their 5th great grandfather.  There has been much made of psychological review of at least the other family involved in the famous feud, The McCoys.  I have yet, to read a review of anyone or any circumstance related to the psychological review of the Hatfield side of the feud.  Being an ex-wife, of their father, being in a marriage that lasted nearly 16 years, and still being in touch with some of the family, puts me in touch with information about the family.  Much of which, can’t hurt anyone because the main players have passed away.  My theory, however, is that mental illness probably ran on that side of the family.  While it probably did not start with Anse, he most certainly passed it on.  

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