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Had a family member send a link to some political stuff.  Left leaning which is ok. I am just so overwhelmed with emotion about the state of our nation that I am having trouble absorbing anything new now.  For those who give a damn, I never voted for Trump, I never wanted him to win.  I have considered him a predator for years before he became professional politician. 

Years ago, I heard claims from his (now ex) wife that he was guilty of domestic violence. Years ago, I saw a photo of him sitting on a bed with a teenaged girl who was not his child.  Years ago, I learned that the photo was taken at Jeffery Epstiens private island where sexcapades run amock and children are used as if they are an object to be (sexually) used and then tossed away.   In the photo both parties are appropriately dressed, there is nothing really bad about it.  Except to say that a grown man is sitting on a bed with a young teenage girl.  But, said man has never been into the sales of mattresses or bedding, so what the hell?  Maybe if was his daughter he was visiting in her room, saying good night or something.  But it wasn’t.  Those stories from long ago lay dormant for a long time.  The man was beyond any sphere of reality that I lived in.  Then came the Steele Dossier.   I’m sorry but with the things I’ve seen and heard about the man over the years, why question the dossier regardless of how nuts it sounds.  The man has a history and it’s just not pretty.  He is a predator.  

I have been trying to enlighten people about this for four years now.  He is probably a child molester.  He is racist.  He is misogynist… do I really need to go on? I have been asking people for four years (or more) if that daughter in that photo was YOUR DAUGHTER would you still feel the same way about him?  What if your daughter was the one he “grabbed by the pussy.”  No one  that I have met and leans right will even seriously entertain it.

Let’s just sum this up like so many already have — the man is a walking talking mental and emotional wreck with no capacity for compassion, empathy, love, or anything else.  It’s all about him, and the almighty dollar.  He doesn’t give a rats ass about YOU! So, why did you vote him in?  It’s a real question?!

So, I got this link, and I’m overwhelmed and another cousin answers the original post: “I vehemently disagree as I’m full right republican.”  Of course this cousin is entitled to this opinion.  I can’t say I understand it in the least at this point, but she can have it, I won’t stand in her way.  

But, I wrote an answer.  And the answer was written from the passenger side of a moving car so it was sloppy and grammatically incorrect.  So, I have cleaned it up, and am posting it for the Ethernet, or perhaps the Othernet…or perhaps the Awefulnet, maybe even the Ly’ngNet.   It will digitally reside on my Facebook account, my blog, and the Twitter post that I answered:   

“What I see & recognize is that we have a man in power who is blatantly gas lighting the nation. Who has now floated the idea of postponing an election because he doesn’t want to loose. With right wingers so stuck in their position that they cant see the forest for the trees. I am sickened by the dysfunction of America. At this point I want to cry every day when I see on the news what white supremacists are doing in the name of God & Country.

Those who support the rights of others (Trump & crew) are in denial of what is really going on out there (in the world), AND support this predator, who now parades as POTUS… need to examine themselves & their beliefs.” 

I have seen the election of this power monger not as a political issue.  I have seen it as a moral issue.  When is it ok for anyone with no sort of moral code ok for a job that requires a moral code?  Christian friends have literally said to me, “Yes, He’s an ass, but he’s doing what I want him to do.”  Friends that is about as morally hypocritical as one can be.   This is precisely where I decided that people on the right really need to examine themselves inwardly at the beliefs they hold. ” They will find that they are able to justify the worst in human behaviors.

A few days ago I disagreed with a friend from high school.  Her remarks were obviously angry.   Immigration was the hot topic.  She is a very right leaning “Christian”.  She leans on her said Christianity,  and yet she spouts the hate like some regurgitating bird–   


So what if her immigrant ancestors came here legally.  Nearly all of them came here and mistreated others– call them what you will but the mistreated were people and they ethnicity varied: African,  South American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Russian, American Indian, Irish.  

Our country has participated in and helped to virtually exterminate a race of many clans of people we call today “American Indians.”  These clans spoke different languages, had their own civilized culture, art, spirituality, rules for the home, marriage, hunt, etc.  Maybe we didn’t understand their culture, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.   Where do we get off claiming our people came “legally” when they were not capable of treating someone deemed below them with kindness and compassion?  Were your Ancestors ETHICALLY living their lives?  Did they show benevolence,  the Christian promise of love and compassion that you espouse and can not even follow yourself? 

The friends argument spewed of white entitlement, and there is NO RIGHT to white entitlement!  We came, and we conquered! What do we deserve for that??!!!!!  Yes, many white people worked hard to help build this nation.  But a good percentage of this nation was built by either enslaved people or people who were treated so poorly, paid so little that the reality is they were enslaved.  When one looks at it as I see it then immigration ceases to be a political issue.  It is a moral issue.  It is a humanity issue.  It is a question of are you going to treat these souls with kindness and compassion or are you going to toss them away like some piece of worn out shoe leather?  Yes, our culture is still under paying people, using them, and tossing them away.  Spitting on them because they come from South of the Border!


Btw, a little note. When you offer these words, “I never enslaved anyone, why should I pay?” You are in your way justifying your ancestors behaviors. Racism is most definitely alive and well in our country.


This is the fundamental problem I have with the right at the moment.  When they decided as a whole to back a predator they lost me, period.  Then as I became more educated and started applying the ethics that I want to run my life by (again) I found that I have probably been incompatible with the right wingers for my entire adult life.  As a young person I misunderstood what all the parties stood for, I guess, and I mislabeled myself. I have lived a life incompatible with who I have always really been.  Trump was just my make or break moment with the right wingers.  Their support for him, and his racism, his woman hating way, his classism, his looking down on the common people– broke my support for them.  They will never get me back.  I do not see them as the party of the people.  Not that any other party is perfect, but at least there are parties that are far more supportive of regular, hardworking, people.  

So, I closed my statement on Twitter with this, “Now I am done with this conversation because I don’t want to loose family.”  And simply put I do NOT want to loose family, nor friends, nor anyone else that I think might be important to me regardless of the reason. But, the sad, sad truth is, at least in my mind, is if you support a predator — then even if you are family, I really can’t support you.  And that is simply the truth.  

As a mother of a child who was hurt by a predator.  As a woman who was married to a predator.  As a child myself, who grew up under the thumb of a sadistic father — I can not support anyone ever who supports any predator —be that person male or female (or other), –be that person black or white, –friend or foe, –family or not.    If you support a predator then there is something dysfunctional about you and your thinking.  It is time for you to re examine your theories, your beliefs, your logic…call it what you will—but it’s never ok to support a bad guy.  Trump is a really BAD guy.  

That is my line in the sand.  I’m done with my rant now.  I’m going back to my corner where I am safe.  I am lying low in more than one way now.  This stuff this country is going through is really tearing me into pieces emotionally.  I do not need it. 

A "normal" post

A “normal” post. The Emperor has no clothes on.

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