That Damn Virus

There are now 3 known cases of the corona virus in Oregon.  All in Northern Oregon, one in more the Eastern side.  None close to me and where I live, however…

For those who actually are keeping up with this household or me,  as you are a client. I have been told by my doctor to “hole up and not go anywhere unless absolutely necessary.” And yes, that is a direct quote. People have shook their head at us and questioned us. But, the truth is neither of us is well, and the virus would likely kill us both. Both of us have heart conditions and both of have worsening heart conditions.

We went immediately to our local store and it sure looked as if we were the only people thinking ahead and stocking up. For ourselves we have now, about three months worth of breakfast foods, along with lots and lots of beans and rice. We bought about three months worth of cat and dog food. I did not leave out the chickens.

I will still have to go out and get medications. But, other than that we are set. So, no, I won’t be running out to work on anyone’s computer. I am sorry about that. If the computer is still running in any way, and connected to the internet, we can try TeamViewer. I can try to walk you through things via the phone. We can try remote help through other avenues as available, but I’m not physically going anywhere for awhile.

I am thinking about possibly writing every once in awhile just to share what the experience is like.  I figure there will be some cabin fever and loneliness involved.  I am grateful to live in a time and place where I can keep in touch via the internet with those that I love (and like). Surely that will help a lot.  So, check in every once in awhile and see what is going on.  

We are planning on planting a garden so we have fresh stuff in our diet.  We still have 6 chickens that will provide us eggs, and I think probably we won’t be giving them away anytime soon now.  After all they are a source of protein and protein we can trust to boot.  Hopefully this will all blow over way sooner than harvest time.  

Hopefully we all don’t have this new kind of future to look out for where basically we must stay cooped up to remain healthy.  Considering people are now catching this virus a 2nd time means that a vaccine will be much like the flu vaccine.  At least that is what I reckon.  It might make the whole situation easier if you do get it, but it will be no cure.  That is scary for sure.  I, myself, am very lax when it comes to even getting a flu shot.  For example, I just got mine not even a week ago.  March is considered too late for the season.  Ooops.  I did not know that until the other day.  

So,  for now the message is: take good care of yourselves. Listen to your Doctors. And please do take this seriously. I’d rather see everyone be cautious and alive then cold stone dead. Love ya all, Peg

Nest on the South Umpqua Copyright 2013, Peggy A Rowe-Snyder

A High Resolution copy of this image is available (for a price).  Inquire via email.

To the kids who do not speak to me: 
I do love you with all my heart.  I’ve pretty much always done what I thought was best for everyone.  I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.  But, I really don’t have a hell of a lot to be sorry about when it comes to either of you concerning anything else.  We are all human and we all make mistakes.  Your lack of concern and ability to cut loved ones or anyone else off at the drop of a hat tells the world more about you then it will ever say about me.  People who know me, know that I had people’s best interests at heart.  Period.

Mak you let your temper get the best of you and called me a liar when  I was not.  Jasmine has not been put in the middle of anything that is a lie.   I was hurt that you called me a liar over my writing.  Because you were wrong, but there is no getting through that thick skull of yours when you think you are right.  You cut people off just like that.  It will ever make you right, just disconnected from people who love you. I was never angry with you, only hurt,  I never wanted to put Jasmine in the middle of anything.  I simply thought that because of what you said, you were poisoning the well.  You can’t tell a little girl she can talk to her mother like that and then tell the girl she can’t talk to you like thatThe mother comes first to the little girl, not you.  Probably, unconsciously you gave that little girl permission too treat her mother like shit.  That was wrong.  I may have handled it wrong, but I good intentions.  Your temper is precisely why I did not come to you directly.  Your temper…. has tempered everything I have said and done with you since you’ve been back at 18.  If you were not aware then from a mothers point of view that is a good thing.  I never wanted you to feel singled out or any less loved.  But, if you ask the other kids, they can verify for you that they knew at one point or another and warned about any specific behaviors I was concerned about.  Your temper is just very scary for me.  All tempers are. Bad tempers like yours are triggering for me and my PTSD.  Yours was enough to cause me to tread lightly.  That’s just the truth.  I don’t tread lightly with the rest of you kids…. just you.

Janea – I still don’t have a clue what the hell is going on.  But, I wish you well.  I did the best I could despite my feeling that I should have never gotten as involved as I did.  I’m sorry about whatever I did.  I never purposely tried to hurt a soul.  That is just not my way.  Take care. 

Both of you: I am past the mourning stage finally.  It still hurts some. I try not to think about it.  Your treatment of me has not helped my health in any way shape or form.  That has been take into account when we both make the decisions we must make.  You two really did literally break my heart.

My concentration will be helping the younger two. 

If I go before Clyde, everything I own belongs to Clyde.  The papers say if he goes before me, everything he owns goes to me.  When we are both gone,  it all belongs to Diane and she has been appraised as to how and what goes to Wesley.  Quitclaim forms have been properly filled & filed  to accomplish all of this.  There is nothing you can fight in court.  Well, you can fight it until the cows come home.  You will not win.

If the kids go before us, then we will, at the appropriate time, sign the property over to probably the Cow Creek Tribe in the name of a dear friend who was an elder there. 

You want to be on your own, so you’ll have to stay that way.  I did the best I could.  March 2, 2020 PARS

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