From a Never Trumper

Forwarded from a cousin in Denmark.
It seems he represents the majority of thinkers over there.

Could it be, that the people who support Trump look at his life and with a bit of envy just want to have all that money too?

That if they realize it, that is partly why they vote the way they do?

Compare that, if you will, to the impoverished white men who repeatedly voted in the rich white man in the historical south (antebellum, civil war, reconstruction). Why else were those men stuck in poverty voting them in? 

We must take into account variables: poverty, illiteracy, bribes (monetary or “campaign promises”). But, the underlying question remains. Freud talked about “penis envy”, perhaps it is time to bring “income envy” into the consciousness.

One thing I have noticed about Trumpers is that they’d rather stay ignorant of how the person came up with his money. They really don’t want to know the details. They look away and become quite defensive if you dare to break the crystal cover that protects their idol. For example, believing that he is sent by God. They really need to turn their eyes back to God as their redeemer and pray. Instead they back up the notion that its ok to disrespect anyone who doesn’t agree with their idea of the norm.

There is no logic to voting in a crook to drain the swamp of crooks. The Mueller report has proven that ‘All the Presidents men’ were basically charlatans looking to make a fast buck off the man who never thought he would actually be President. He saw the campaign as one big advertisement. Self promotion (promotion of the trademarked “Trump” brand name) in the media world where he has made (in the reality of things) most of his money.

I know for a fact they would deny it. But, why vote in a man who is not transparent (we still don’t see his taxes, and his department of treasury guys says we can’t see his travel expenses until after the election is done), who doesn’t pay taxes (exaggerating self, property worth, and losses, filing bankruptcy into multiplicity), who can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, who has been found guilty of cheating people out of their hard earned money with false promises of education (Trump University), who has been accused (several times, so there is a grain of truth in there somewhere) of rape, and sexual abuse. Why in God’s name would anyone vote for such a degenerate?

They must be able to close they eyes and their minds to the truth and see the false “golden idol” (his toilet?) as something it is not. It is NOTHING to aspire to. He is morally bankrupt. I’d rather be dirt poor (I am basically) than to aspire to anything close to what he is. In their own positions, whatever they are, a vocal few over looks his “minor” imperfections which are not minor at all, calls him one of their own, and supports his cause. Something is truly wrong with this picture.

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