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So the conservative movement in America was born in the deep south just after the revolutionary war. The north took 24 years to free the black people from slavery, but there were still attitudes and racism to overcome up there. As society relaxed up there and society explored what had been put into motion in terms of social civil change up north the South recoiled, became more conservative, and became more isolationist (best word I have for it at the moment). They had to. Because that was the only way to preserve their way of life -their justification was the bible, their belief in racial (and/or sexual) inferiority, etc.

(Note: keep in mind that when conservationism was being born it was the Democrats who were those who were deeply in the movement to keep people of color down; the parties have since flip-flopped)

If people today only realized the legacy of what and where they believed in came from. They might rethink their stance. It is fact that many things that conservatives stand for today are still meant to hold down human beings with skin a different color than their own (majority) and that of the females in their circles.
To look the other way and say it’s not true, to deny the actions that come with the beliefs is asinine and terribly unacceptable to the “aware” and principled person. To be willing to hurt another even indirectly with a belief is still hurtful, and controlling of the other, regardless of who the perpetrator may be.
I can only speak for myself. I would never, EVER assume to know what a person of color lives through even today. Except to say whatever it is, if the action is controlling, defacing, dehumanizing, depersonalizing, or violent in anyway it is just flat out wrong!
As a woman I can testify that there are men out there who still dare to demand that we “keep our place.” There are women who still dare to hold down those more vulnerable than themselves in order to hold the spot they’ve carved out for themselves.
My personal experience has shown me all of this. From my childhood and on to today.
Today, Mr. Trump is a prime example of the movement come reanimated by conservatives to keep the old and familiar ways alive and kicking.

If there is any consolation today — it is probably that these are the last breaths of a dying breed. Or at least one can hope?  We know they are in the minority and yet have voices that are shrill and screams. Yet loud and constant as they are there is no place in this country for racism, misogyny, or any other type of misplaced hatred and anger that is directed at those with less power than themselves. The disabled are not disabled by choice -be it mental or “physical” it all emanates from the body which truth is makes it all physical. It matters not if the body refereed to is our physical body, the body of our society, or the body of our spiritualism — if it is sick, IT IS SICK.


My ever growing and more educated opinion. LOL!!! Copyrighted 2020, Peggy A Rowe-Snyder

I do not know it to be fact yet. But, I suspect that the “angry white male” came out of the south as well. At one time, they WERE the minority. That is a historical fact. Which is part of the reason why they had to be so brutal in terms of controlling the slaves below them in the social ladder. What’s more, most of this minority, was even more a minority because they were the men who worked themselves up to being the super rich (well, their slaves worked them up to). They were yesterday’s 1%. The work they set out to do (conscious or not) — was to keep those who were socially below them (people of color, hillbillies, women) in their place. They did that in a lot of different ways -but brain washing is a method that comes to mind. The entire white south came to support a very small minority of white rich men partly because their way of life was something to work up toward. Keep that in mind while you are thinking you are part of some unheard of and nonexistent minority! What good are riches if you are morally defunct?

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