Can a child on child sexual assault really be a crime?

Taken from a book called, “Working with Sexually Abusive Adolescents” Details can be found below.

Can a child on child sexual assault really be a crime?   [Link to a specific case in Florida]

The link above is a link that will take you to a story about a family that dealt with this issue in Florida.  The article was published in 2016.  

Another article here about the same subject from a publication: Psychology Today

The short story as far as I am concerned, is if it’s not a crime, it sure should be.  And I can tell you, that in the state I live in, it is most definitely a crime.  We had a neighbor who ha a son who at the age of 12 or so assaulted a younger cousin.  The young man spent time in detention (Juvenile) and then he spent time in therapy and on parole.  I have my doubt that any of it helped.  The father was a raging alcoholic & meth addicted and we actually heard him in a loud (yelling) voice from our home across the street correcting his son, “I don’t care if you lie to your parole officer, don’t you ever lie to me.”  The boy ran away from home at 16.  The father finally got kicked out of the home for lack of paying the rent.  

• Inappropriate or unwanted sexual contact with other children
As stated above, while some physical exploration should be expected, it should always be with the caveat that the contact occurs between consensual peers. Granted, consensus can be difficult to define or establish at younger ages, but sexual bullying, harassment, or assault are never okay. Children must be taught to respect the physical boundaries of others—only then can they be expected to internalize their own physical boundaries.  (from the Psychology Today article listed above)

My guess is if the assault by one child perpetrated against another child is not legal in Oregon, then it’s not legal in most other places too.  

So, what is the point of this?  Well, it’s to point out that this problem exists.  The boy would not have been a perpetrator if his childhood life had he himself not be perpetrated on.  Of this I am sure.  But, it does not excuse the behavior and nor does it stop the behavior.  

If we are to break the cycle, then these behaviors and those that cause it to happen need to be stopped.  I don’t have all the answers.  I’m presenting the problem from another point of view. 

I know these things happen from personal experience.  I was assaulted on my tenth birthday by an older child.  The assaults continued for some time.  I never even thought to tell a  person and she was never caught.  Her family still doesn’t know.  My family treats me like I am a liar, and the pain has been there since that first assault in 1972. 

In case, one might believe there was consensus on my part, the answer is no there was none.  I said, “NO” plainly.  I was disrespected.  

Watch your children.  Watch other people’s children.  It might be a rare thing that happens, though, I highly doubt it.  Educate yourself so you know the signs.  Beware.

Books about the treatment (as in psychology) of children who assault other children:

  • Working with Sexually Abusive Adolescents
    Bhate, Dr Suryakant R., Graham, Finlay. Working with Sexually Abusive Adolescents: A Practice Manual. United Kingdom: SAGE Publications, 1997.
  • Treating Adolescent Sex Offenders in the Community, by Charlene Steen, & Barbara Monnette, C.C. Thomas, 1989, University of Michigan
  • Treating Youth Who Sexually Abuse…
  • Treating Youth Who Sexually AbuseAn Integrated Multi-Component Approach

    Front Cover
    RoutledgeJan 14, 2014 – Family & Relationships – 332 pages

    A comprehensive program of treatment for adolescent sex offenders!

    Covering every phase from assessment to relapse prevention, this valuable book offers specific suggestions and backs them with the latest research as well as years of clinical experience. Treating Youth Who Sexually Abuse: An Integrated Multicomponent Approach is a training tool, reference book, and field manual for the use of therapists, administrators, and everyone involved with the assessment, treatment, and placement of sexually abusive youth.

    Beginning with a broad view of the continuum of programs available and the structure of the service-delivery system that provides treatment, Treating Youth Who Sexually Abuse continues with specifics of program policy and design in both outpatient and inpatient settings. From choice of client to aftercare, the book covers the specifics of pretreatment, various modalities of therapy, inpatient and outpatient programs, and relapse-prevention programs. The foundations of program structure and the specific components (such as family therapy, group therapy, milieu treatment) are integrated to make a powerful, flexible, and above all effective treatment tool.

    Treating Youth Who Sexually Abuse offers practical advice and help for therapists and administrators, including:

    • ready-to-use treatment materials
    • reproducible group curricula
    • sample schedules for full-day treatment and afterschool programs
    • discussions of staff training and administrative concerns
    • information on liability issues
    • ideas for coordinating care with other treatment providers

    Treating Youth Who Sexually Abuse: An Integrated Multicomponent Approach is an essential training tool for students, a field manual for professionals, and a reference book for everyone interested in sex offence-specific treatment for youth. With case studies, diagnostic criteria, helpful tables and diagrams, listings of organizations in the field and Web addresses, this volume deserves a permanent place on your professional bookshelf.

    Along with a list of Related books from Google Books: 

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    Related books

    How to Work with Sex Offenders
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