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Russia is not unique, but it is one of the few countries in the world with a negative population growth. America’s population is growing, but statistically it’s because there is still a healthy migration pattern in from other places in the world. I was surprised to see that Russia had less than half of the USA’s population. It made wonder just how big of a threat they are to our society after all. One thing that is not unique at all about America or Russia is that most of their populations are urban. People are looking for work and a better life in cities. Which I think probably translate into something I had already heard: less and less people are going more and more of the worlds food. I think that might be dangerous.

According to the Population Reference Bureau growth in the United States is slowing down. This is what they say causes the declining rates: “The decline in U.S. population growth is likely due to a confluence of factors: lower levels of immigration, population aging, and declining fertility rates.” William Frey of The Brookings Institute in December 2018 attributed the decline in that years population estimates was due to “the great recession” along with an aging population. An aging population is nothing unique in this world. Our country like most of the rest of the world is on a downward trend in terms of its population growth. Mr. Frey also pointed out that the population growth we do have is mostly via immigration.

One thing interesting about the United States population that it is in a minus child population growth. Of the 50 states, 29 of the states had negative child population growth numbers. Where the world in general has hit a point of stabilization, America is declining, and what is keeping the numbers going at all in the states that are showing an increase is the children mostly being born to immigrants. (News to me!) It is interesting to me that the melting pot of the world needs to continue to be the melting pot, and that their absolutely an argument that supports not only allowing migrants into our country but to treat them (as we should be anyhow) with respect because it looks to me like they are going to keep this country going in a lot of ways.

Knowing that we have a President (choke) that screams about the illegal immigrant numbers and a husband who complains of the same, I visited the Pew Institute website. I discovered that most immigrants are by far mostly legal. A whooping 3.2 percent were/are illegal and that boils down to about 10 million people compared to a total population in America of 329 million (give or take).

Wow… Politics just really makes me want to scream. Talk about fake new! Immigrants are the least of America’s problem.

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