Ethnic Cleansing, etc…

12 October 2019

Impeach Pelosi?? Really? Its a deflection…. she is not guilty of holding tax payers money approved by congress from being delivered to the Ukraine to help them in their military goal of staying independent from Russia…. We hate communism right?? How come it’s OK to not support Ukraine if we hate communism?? You know, if you want to impeach Pelosi, who, by the way can’t be impeached (there is no law nor process in place for that??) But, if you want to throw the book at her, then find something she did wrong and charge her with the crime, take her trial and throw her in jail. There are processes in this country that we USUALLY follow when it comes to these sorts of things. People are having knee jerk reactions and falling for crap arguments from Trump and his cronies. What, really, are you thinking??

I am watching the news. I just saw what caused one of the fires in Southern California. A waste truck, had something smoldering in the cargo compartment, maybe whatever it was, was burning. The driver choose to pull over and just dump the load along side the road right next to a very dry grass field. I have worked for Waste Management. And while there is no love lost between us, I can say either the company that driver worked for was either an idiot (probably) or the company failed to have procedures and practices in place about what to do when a drivers comes across this issue. The drivers whose routes that I audited, had fire extinguishers in their trucks. This was in the very dry counties of Sonoma/Mendocino in California. That driver should be fired at the very least. His actions might even have been criminal. I don’t know, but wow….really???? I’ll be interested in seeing what the investigators come up with on this one. Especially considering one human life has been lost, so far. Can’t put a value on that.

While I am busy complaining about things going on in the world. I am frustrated with Turkey who used to be our countries ally. I’m not quite sure they should ever have been. They have been trying to get rid of the Kurds for years and years and years. These people as far as I can tell, the Kurds, are just regular people trying to eek out a living in a desert. Most are not rich—they are just regular folks, not terrorists. Not only that their people have helped us fight ISIS who is a terrorist group. So, go ahead and toss out the argument that they are terrorists. Far as I can tell that is a flat out lie. But, tell me how is it logical that you bomb and destroy the Kurd homeland to clear it out of ‘terrorists” only to plant more Kurds (immigrants in Turkey) there? The logic simply is not there… not historically, not legally, not morally, not ethically, not in any way does the logic work with what they are doing. What Trump is allowing right now is called Ethnic Cleansing. Let’s just call it what it is. And we the country who have taken upon ourselves for generations to take the side of the underdogs of the world, and to try and stop ethnic cleansing have decided to look away. (AGAIN)… because the “… the asshole is getting stuff done….” (and yes, that logic follows, because that asshole gave the command to pull out the troops that was preventing this from happening.) Trump has broken the word of the American People, the promise that our country made to a people, called the Kurds. When I look at this way, I take this pretty dang personal. Just saying…

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