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This is what Google Photos found when searching for cats in my photos.  Don't get me wrong, they found cat pictures that I had forgotten that I had.  But, a dog??  And a Sheep??  Isn't AI grand!!  I'm sure they'll get the bugs worked out eventually.
This is what Google Photos found when searching for cats in my photos. Don’t get me wrong, they found cat pictures that I had forgotten that I had. But, a dog?? And a Sheep?? Isn’t AI grand!! I’m sure they’ll get the bugs worked out eventually.

For those who use Google Photos and don’t know about a couple of features that make sorting photos into albums easier, let me tell you. There is a feature that lets you name every face that Google finds in your collection, and then Google will sort all the matching faces into their own Album by name. If you have a family where people have very similar features rest assured they’ll all be thrown into the other’s albums. My father and his brothers have really, REALLY confused Google a lot! LOL. Another thing you can do is start an album throw a photo into, then name the photo and again, it will sort by features and try to get the right photos in the album. In this way, you can sort through people and ‘pets’. It hasn’t done a great job of sorting our pets by face yet. hahaha!! Google also sorts by places, things, posters, dates, months, cities, and about anything else it can stick a name to. I saw a search for ‘dogs’ that was built into the Animals album. After searching for dogs, the algorithm came up with photos I had taken of deer, bulls, cats (calico & tabby), and of course, the dog! I don’t think Sadie would appreciate being mistaken for Jake. LOL, she’d be even more miffed at being confused for a Malamute! hahahaha!!! For what the service does do, it does save a LOT of time in sorting things for the sake of Albums… Just don’t expect perfection. You won’t get it!

On this graphic, you can see how I and Google have sorted my photos so far. I attached names, but for places they looked at where I took the photos had (camera’s these days have built-in GPS, latitude/longitude) so I have Albums for Washington State, Newport, Winston, Canyonville, Roseburg, Merlin (etc)–Oregon, and Orland, Hornbrook & Cresent City in California. I didn’t have to lift a finger for those sorts (albums) to be made. What they called a ‘zoo’ was a wee bit funny—the Floed-Lane House (Museum) counted as a Zoo since I took photos of Deer in the front yard. As did our backyard (back to that famous sheep, Buddy). Google creates animations and videos, and you can turn those off in the settings. OH, one last note, I do wish they’d let us sort our albums in Alphabetical order! Oh! One more last thing–the real beauty of this service? They allow you to save in high resolution, and share with whomever you want!
Oh, and Google, if you are listening, I know beggars can’t be choosers, but being able to nest albums would be REALLY cool!!! Like if we could sort by year, and then have all of Douglas Count photos for that year under that, sorted out by month, or place, or thing, or whatever…..

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