Justice of the Peace, Peggy

Things have been bugging me since last Monday when I did my little stint as a “witness” for the state. I left the place really feeling like this “judge” who is really an elected official, a Justice of the Peace–has forgotten who she answers too, and the rules by which she must play if she chooses to keep playing.

I am a kind of person who will use her frustration to try and motivate me into doing some useful. Where each type of situation will take me is usually a place I could have never have guessed.

Anyways, Clyde & I had a little argument last night, after I sent off a letter to the editor of the local paper. He thinks that this “Justice of the Peace”, Carol Roberts–will make “our” lives miserable and that I need to learn when to stop. Basically, he called me a hard head, and let me know where my kids got it from.

There is only one problem with his attitude! I asked him today why he spent eight years of his live serving in the Army if it wasn’t for his country that he loves so much!!! I asked him, if had been sent to Kuwait or Iraq (He was in Germany for the first Gulf War, and is a veteran of that war) and had he fought in the capacity of a soldier instead of doing the customs & MP work that he did, what would he have been fighting for??

I’ll answer that: He’d been fighting for mine (and everyone’s) rights to voice their opinions, and their OBLIGATION to right wrongs in the system when it is possible. Seldom to I see this very opinionated man speechless.

It is my duty to point out that this woman has sat on the bench for FAR TOO LONG. She has sat there so long that she thinks she can look at the expressions on people’s faces and KNOW what the situation is, and she said so! She has lost her ability to listen to the folks she serves. It is sad. In her very subjective rant, she decided she knew what I was and made accusations that were not even true, and I am sure that her ruling was based on her incorrect abstract of the situation.

So, I am on and off again asking questions, seeking answers, trying to find some resolution for myself and this situation. Am I trying to change her ruling? NO…. I am not. I could give a damn less about it to be honest. Am I trying to change her? No, but I do think it’s time for her to step down.

This woman decided that she was ruling on a “neighborhood dispute” and not on a drunk/disorderly charge. And then without even saying that court was over (that I recall anyhow), she decided to try and mediate the situation. How can you mediate a situation when the players involved don’t even want and take responsibility for their actions? How can they come to any kind of reliable resolution without that? I really resented her even trying with the judgement she’d made against me, “THE WITNESS” for the State.

Anyways, In Oregon a Justice of the Peace is an elected position. It is a “non partisan” election that happens every six years. Ms. Roberts comes up for re-election in 2013. At the very least you’ll see signs that say, “Do not Vote” for her on my lawn. At the most, you might see, “Vote for Peggy.”

Did you know that in Oregon one half of all Justice of the Peace people have NO law degree.

They are elected, paid by the county, and sent to classes by the county. To run for this “office” one must be a U.S. Citizen, be over the age of 30, and have lived in the circuit which you will work for at least one year prior to running for office.
This means this woman works for us! That means she answers to US!
She has forgotten who she serves and why she is serving, and it’s time for a change in Canyonville Justice Court.

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