Sarah Palin = Wonder Woman?!

Sarah Palin = Wonder Woman?!

As I sat watching the RNC and listening to Gov. Sarah Palin, “I will accept the nomination”…for VP, I wondered.

For all the McCain bashing I’ve heard over the months, he has proved by picking Palin that he is dumb as a fox! She’s qualified, she’s cute, she’s obviously no victim, she’s a mom, she works hard, she’s pro life, she’s pro drilling, she’s against unethical idiots, and she’s married to that hunk, the “first dude.”

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, hasn’t she taken a bribe somewhere along the line? LOL!

As I watched her, I swear she reminded me of someone… and suddenly I saw it in my mind… I waited for the glasses to come off, and the hair to come flowing down… for her clothes to come off and underneath for there to be a red, white, and blue Wonder Woman suit. Sarah Palin the new Wonder Woman who fights crime, and delivers us from EVIL!

Ok, it’s all tongue in cheek, but that is the idea she is trying to put forth, and it is working at least in my mind.

Again, because it’s the party that helps me to feel safe above all else, I will vote Republican. But, let me tell ya, this working mom of FIVE, and I see eye to eye on a lot more than — safety issues.

🙂 Peg

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