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A Legal Assault

I have friends who cannot believe my openness here on Facebook. One of the things that I respect most about our country is the Freedom of Speech. We all have the right to speak about the issues in our life … Continue reading

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PTSD: The Story of My Life

I have a daughter, who is now within a few months of turning 30 years old.  I remember being her age.  Once upon a time someone who was 50 something years old seemed so ancient, so OLD. This daughter of … Continue reading

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*MY* Soapbox!

Warning: Pages that come under this heading are explicit in details.  If you are easily offended, or just plain grossed out by gross stuff, you might not want to read the writings herein. Having said that… the following pages are … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence

This essay was written by me. Some have advised me that it would not be wise to post such such personal data on the Internet. But, I do it for a couple of reasons. One reason is that someone must … Continue reading

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Written to explain why I was leaving my first husband. If you read between the lines,  you’ll see the sadness of domestic violence and the effects of being caged in for many years. Written by: Peggy A. Rowe-Miller ©July 3, … Continue reading

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