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History bites us in the a**

My mother said, “I was afraid that Jack would divorce me and marry her, so I had to protect myself.” The other ‘woman’ was all of seven years old on that day! Continue reading

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Alden Boyington Rowe

Alden B. Rowe (my great great grandfather) was many things in his lifetime: A Son, grandson, brother, husband, father, Union Army soldier, a farmer, and a prospector. He was also a grandfather, a woodsman, and a walker. The title ‘walker’ … Continue reading

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Alvin Cecil Rowe

Alvin Cecil Rowe was born September 14, 1940 to Orvin Earl Rowe and Lily Marie McClaskey Rowe in Silverton, Marion, Oregon, USA. He was the second of eight children. Alvin grew up at 410 Jefferson Street in Silverton, and as … Continue reading

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The Old Days…

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Mike’s Drive Up (aka Mike’s Garlic Fries!)

Clyde and I recently got our first orders of garlic fries here. Just wanted to say that we liked it and recommend it! It’s in Eureka, CA Article from Here: http://www.eurekareporter.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?ArticleID=27429 Mike’s Drive Up: Reliability in a world of change … Continue reading

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Memories #1

Memories from friend James Bupp Uncle Tom was entertaining: I remember hearing stories from coop that were very entertaining and funny usually relating to how he overcame some adverse situation in a unique and humorous way…. Once after hearing the … Continue reading

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The Death of A Child Molester

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 I claim to be a Christian.  I believe in praising our Lord even in our darkest moments.  For I know it is during these moments that this Lord is there for us the most.  Tonight, I … Continue reading

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