Spanish Franciscans, French Jesuits, & White Slave Holders

Note: Spring 2020 quarter has started.  We were asked to answer a question relating to this weeks reading in our United States and Religion class.  My one or two paragraph answer turned into an imperfect essay.  🙂   But, I got a really good grade on it, and the Professor commented that it was very well thought out.  She did not say if I was right or wrong.  But, here it is.  

Which group do you think was most successful in producing religious converts: Spanish Franciscans, French Jesuits, or white slave owners? Why?

In a way, I’d like to see religion taken out of the equation completely.  Can I say, let’s just look at the way the Natives and Slaves were treated.  Let me just say ahead that part of this information is actually from a book I read probably six months ago called Siege and Survival.  It is about the what the Menominee people went through from before white people showed up.  The white people being Jesuit priests.   So much of my knowledge base about the French Jesuits probably come from that and the research I did after reading it because it piqued my interest in the subject. 

I know that religion is the subject of this class, and I realize that religion could never be totally removed from the situation because religion and the corresponding beliefs of each sect have a lot to do with how the Natives and Slaves were treated. 

Lets just look at how each sect or group of people treated the Natives or slaves –

Slavery was justified by the idea of white supremacy.  It was motivated by financial greed of white people who considered themselves as superior to the Slaves &  Natives.  Assumptions were made that the African peoples had no spirituality at all.  In those days, a lot of Christianity was based on the hell and brimstone theory, which justified (I think) the idea that one could treat another in anyway they choose.  Because  they viewed the slaves as beneath them, they saw their treatment as appropriate.  The outcome was too justify use of violence to deliver whatever it was that the superiors wanted.  The “whatever” being labor, or fruits of labor, or being sure that a people took on the Christian mantle so that both the slave and the master could be saved by Jesus/God. The violence includes but it not limited to whipping, beating, emotional and mental control techniques, rape, etc.   We read just a little about that in the Joyner article.   How many people can you convert when 20% of those you are trying to convert already have their own idea of religion (the Muslims), and/or some other form of spiritualism?  Take that number and subtract any number of those who were beaten, whipped, or raped.  I have no clue how many were converted, but it seems logical to me that the numbers might be somewhat in error considering the slave had to answer that particular question (not that it was ever asked) in the what that the master saw fit.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I grew up, probably, no further than five miles from Mission San Jose.  I was across the bay from Mission Dolores.  I was down the freeway from Mission Solano.  Its not that I am any expert, but it was part of my education as a kid to learn about the Mission system.  

The Franciscans were in the Western part of North America for at least two reasons:  to convert the natives and to help establish Spanish control over the area as a colony.  Of course, the Spaniards expected to make some sort of monetary gain from the area.  Unfortunately, I believe that money has everything to do with how people are treated to this day. 

It is a matter of fact, that the Spanish Franciscans, are also a branch of the Catholic faith and so have in its background some or most of the same foundational spiritual guidance as the French Jesuits.  But, unlike the French Jesuits they had no problems with resorting to violence to get the labor they wanted out of the poor people they were forcing (excuse me, converting to) their religion on.  I was taught as a kid, that the Franciscans were very violent toward the Natives.  I learned the term paternalist in my recent past, and this is how the Franciscans viewed the Natives.  They felt they had the obligation to over see what the Natives did and correct them and to convert them.  So, the Indians were their primary source of labor so far as I remember.  The mission system, and the Franciscans themselves got rich from exploiting that labor.  The Natives were basically treated as slaves to be converted to Christianity.  It is debatable that the Franciscans  ever treated the Natives any better than those master’s treated their slaves who were laboring in the South. 

So, while there is no shortage of Catholics in America (and I am not anti-Catholic) the same logic applies to my thoughts about Franciscans as the logic I used above with the Master/Slave relationships. It was the assumed the Natives had no religion and had to be taught or converted.  How many were going to genuinely convert if they are being misused and abused?  Beating a person into submission as it concerns religion is nothing short of brainwashing.  Can a brainwashed person truly convert?  They can believe they have, the converter can believe they have, but deep down inside, are they not the person they always were?

I get the idea, and I might be wrong, that the French Jesuits were in North America purely to convert the Native population.  So, this takes out money as any sort of justification or motivation for the treatment of peoples.  One good thing about the Jesuit sect is that they believed in trying to learn and understand the language of the people they were trying to convert.  They believed that their religion could be worked with, within the Native people’s culture.   Jesuits clearly felt paternalistically toward the Natives, we see that when reading “Black Robe.”   But, the paternalism lead to a more patient and understanding of the Natives.  So, at least at first, and in theory, labor was not necessarily forced upon the Natives.  It was bargained for.   In exchange for labor the Natives were offered food, clothing, and protection.  So, at least outwardly, there was not the coercion that the others used against their underling slave or Native.  This is not to say that there wasn’t manipulation used, but there was not nearly as much violence involved. One could call the bartering that was done bribery, and I would not argue.  But the bottom line is that the Natives in the Jesuits territory may have had their lives less discombobulated by the presence of the them.

So, therefore, who in my mind, who was most successful in producing converts?  The definition of success is subjective in this case.  Are we to qualify that with pure numbers?  If that were the case, then probably the masters in the South would win.  Plainly, slave populations were not decimated by the diseases of the white men.  But, in terms of pure conversion not won by violence, where the Native or slave was truly converted?  I bet; the Jesuits were the most successful. 

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56, 57 [MFF] Southern Oregon

We are a  couple who are looking for friends who may be interested in a relationship based on the principles of polymory.  Non-monogamous ethical relationships.  We are looking for F, FF, MF, M-F, and others.  Basically, you need to be an honest, ethical, loving, compassionate, empathetic human being with a good sense of humor. We hope to meet people around our own age.  I am bi, he is straight (bi curious).  We are open to someone who would like to have a relationship with just myself, or someone(s) who might be interested in both of us.  Our bottom line is that we are looking to find a long term, loving, and committed relationship.  

We live in Southern Oregon.  Own our own home.  Its nothing to brag about, but its home.  We’d like to find someone local.  It just would make things so much easier.

We both are into photography, and exploring the backroads.  We both just love the beach. He was raised in a Northern California coast town.  He came from Mendocino County.  We are both fairly progressive, though we have our issues where we sometimes lean a little to the right too. 

We are mostly converted to veganism.  It’s not really a choice for him.  His health demands it.  It has helped us both to get into better shape. 

We have two dogs, two cats, 6 chickens — and always seem to be finding more  LOL

  We are both very much alive and wanting to explore life!  We both are passionate, but express it in different ways.  It makes life interesting.  

We need to take the time to get to know you. We want to like you first.  Then move on.  

I, especially, want to explore the depths and possibilities that life offers.  I am excited and am kind of a hurry.  Really want to hear from you!! Don’t be afraid to ask! P

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Winter 2020

My 2nd quarter at OSU is nearly over.  One last week and then finals.  I’ll probably pass by the skin of my teeth.  My heart has been giving me issues.  I had an “episode” early in the quarter.  It took me three days to recover.  I’ve dealt with Afib since – I’ve never really caught up with the work all quarter long.  If I get decent grades it’s because I have generous instructors!  I can register for classes for next quarter starting tomorrow.
Will be my 2nd quarter as a Junior.  All I know is that it’s a lot of work, and I am loving it.  There is a lot of frustration.  The memory is not what it used to be.  I have to work at it! I also have to be smart and know my limitations.  I will not be signing up for 5 classes this time.  That is pure insanity. 

I have school projects I’ll share soon.  Knowledge gained.  I can’t get anything but better from this experience!!  

Hubby and I are living “separately” right now.  He’s in our old RV.  He got called for jury duty.  He did not get picked.  But, he said people were coughing all around him.  He did not want to chance making me sick with this new virus.  I love him so much.  I did not want him to go.  But, he is so about doing what he thinks is the right thing.  Ya have to respect it even when you do not agree.  The only time I’ve slept without him since we’ve met over 16 years ago, has been when he’s been hospitalized.  That has been a handful of times now.  I miss his warm, comforting touch.  It’s only been one night so far!  Minimum 14 to go!  

We have collected probably two months of everything.  We are staying to ourselves.  Neither of us needs to battle a serious illness.  We have two kids with us who seem to actually be growing up and doing the right things.  Being more helpful and thoughtful  than ever.  I didn’t even have to do dishes today! Yay!!  Miracle!!  🙂 

More soon! Hugs to all!!  🙂 P

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That Damn Virus

There are now 3 known cases of the corona virus in Oregon.  All in Northern Oregon, one in more the Eastern side.  None close to me and where I live, however…

For those who actually are keeping up with this household or me,  as you are a client. I have been told by my doctor to “hole up and not go anywhere unless absolutely necessary.” And yes, that is a direct quote. People have shook their head at us and questioned us. But, the truth is neither of us is well, and the virus would likely kill us both. Both of us have heart conditions and both of have worsening heart conditions.

We went immediately to our local store and it sure looked as if we were the only people thinking ahead and stocking up. For ourselves we have now, about three months worth of breakfast foods, along with lots and lots of beans and rice. We bought about three months worth of cat and dog food. I did not leave out the chickens.

I will still have to go out and get medications. But, other than that we are set. So, no, I won’t be running out to work on anyone’s computer. I am sorry about that. If the computer is still running in any way, and connected to the internet, we can try TeamViewer. I can try to walk you through things via the phone. We can try remote help through other avenues as available, but I’m not physically going anywhere for awhile.

I am thinking about possibly writing every once in awhile just to share what the experience is like.  I figure there will be some cabin fever and loneliness involved.  I am grateful to live in a time and place where I can keep in touch via the internet with those that I love (and like). Surely that will help a lot.  So, check in every once in awhile and see what is going on.  

We are planning on planting a garden so we have fresh stuff in our diet.  We still have 6 chickens that will provide us eggs, and I think probably we won’t be giving them away anytime soon now.  After all they are a source of protein and protein we can trust to boot.  Hopefully this will all blow over way sooner than harvest time.  

Hopefully we all don’t have this new kind of future to look out for where basically we must stay cooped up to remain healthy.  Considering people are now catching this virus a 2nd time means that a vaccine will be much like the flu vaccine.  At least that is what I reckon.  It might make the whole situation easier if you do get it, but it will be no cure.  That is scary for sure.  I, myself, am very lax when it comes to even getting a flu shot.  For example, I just got mine not even a week ago.  March is considered too late for the season.  Ooops.  I did not know that until the other day.  

So,  for now the message is: take good care of yourselves. Listen to your Doctors. And please do take this seriously. I’d rather see everyone be cautious and alive then cold stone dead. Love ya all, Peg

Nest on the South Umpqua Copyright 2013, Peggy A Rowe-Snyder

A High Resolution copy of this image is available (for a price).  Inquire via email.

To the kids who do not speak to me: 
I do love you with all my heart.  I’ve pretty much always done what I thought was best for everyone.  I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.  But, I really don’t have a hell of a lot to be sorry about when it comes to either of you concerning anything else.  We are all human and we all make mistakes.  Your lack of concern and ability to cut loved ones or anyone else off at the drop of a hat tells the world more about you then it will ever say about me.  People who know me, know that I had people’s best interests at heart.  Period.

Mak you let your temper get the best of you and called me a liar when  I was not.  Jasmine has not been put in the middle of anything that is a lie.   I was hurt that you called me a liar over my writing.  Because you were wrong, but there is no getting through that thick skull of yours when you think you are right.  You cut people off just like that.  It will ever make you right, just disconnected from people who love you. I was never angry with you, only hurt,  I never wanted to put Jasmine in the middle of anything.  I simply thought that because of what you said, you were poisoning the well.  You can’t tell a little girl she can talk to her mother like that and then tell the girl she can’t talk to you like thatThe mother comes first to the little girl, not you.  Probably, unconsciously you gave that little girl permission too treat her mother like shit.  That was wrong.  I may have handled it wrong, but I good intentions.  Your temper is precisely why I did not come to you directly.  Your temper…. has tempered everything I have said and done with you since you’ve been back at 18.  If you were not aware then from a mothers point of view that is a good thing.  I never wanted you to feel singled out or any less loved.  But, if you ask the other kids, they can verify for you that they knew at one point or another and warned about any specific behaviors I was concerned about.  Your temper is just very scary for me.  All tempers are. Bad tempers like yours are triggering for me and my PTSD.  Yours was enough to cause me to tread lightly.  That’s just the truth.  I don’t tread lightly with the rest of you kids…. just you.

Janea – I still don’t have a clue what the hell is going on.  But, I wish you well.  I did the best I could despite my feeling that I should have never gotten as involved as I did.  I’m sorry about whatever I did.  I never purposely tried to hurt a soul.  That is just not my way.  Take care. 

Both of you: I am past the mourning stage finally.  It still hurts some. I try not to think about it.  Your treatment of me has not helped my health in any way shape or form.  That has been take into account when we both make the decisions we must make.  You two really did literally break my heart.

My concentration will be helping the younger two. 

If I go before Clyde, everything I own belongs to Clyde.  The papers say if he goes before me, everything he owns goes to me.  When we are both gone,  it all belongs to Diane and she has been appraised as to how and what goes to Wesley.  Quitclaim forms have been properly filled & filed  to accomplish all of this.  There is nothing you can fight in court.  Well, you can fight it until the cows come home.  You will not win.

If the kids go before us, then we will, at the appropriate time, sign the property over to probably the Cow Creek Tribe in the name of a dear friend who was an elder there. 

You want to be on your own, so you’ll have to stay that way.  I did the best I could.  March 2, 2020 PARS

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It’s almost spring…

Made up a new graphic for my cover over at Facebook.  Took the photograph of the plum flowers in my backyard in 2006.  Created the graphic itself yesterday, 28 Feb 2020.  Enjoy!

Spring blossoms

Blossom by Blossom the spring begins…

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Networked Communities

  • Please note that this document is available on this outside blog:
  • Clicking on the images will bring a larger version for you to view.  Thanks!

    What is a Networked Community
Facebook header graphic and profile photo

My profile page photos, both made by me. Shows the Facebook logo.

A networked community is an online community where a group of people have a sense of being in a group, or membership.   The network integrates itself around some subject matter or the fulfillment of a goal or need.  The definition above could count as a normal, physical network where people’s primary means of communication is a phone line!  But, the one we are talking about here, is dependent to a degree on a digital network that is accessible via the Internet. Currently, academics are asking are these groups, lists, and platforms community networks or networked communities.   I can see them working in both ways, and I’ll leave that thought right there.

Graphic showing groups I am in

This is a partial list of the groups I administer and those that I am a member in











These are communities created to support any range of activities including support groups for people with physical and mental medical needs, relationship support, support for pet owners, sports activities along with other recreations, gaming collaboration, genealogy, crafting.  The list is nearly unexhaustive. There are nearly no rules for creating group on some networks.  There are choices galore.

These groups allow you to post something that you want to say within in their own general set of rules.  They allow cross talk both on the virtual network platform provided by Facebook, but also in a live chat with the members of that chosen group only. 

I administer, co-administer, and am joined into a LOT of groups.  Groups are networked defined by certain subjects such as: by surname, by region, by hobby, by subjects you may wish to learn about.  I am in genealogy groups, Scandinavian groups, local culture groups (Celtic, Scandinavian), CPTSD, PCOS, crochet, and photography.  Groups can run from one member and into thousands.

I ended up choosing a genealogy group on Facebook for my networked community. The group was called: Rowe, a Pioneer Family. (this branch is a pioneer family in the Eugene area) As it turns out, my experiment of posting for this homework turned into a dismal failure!  In retrospect, it was a group of limited size, and the people in the group are interested in very specific things.  I posted stuff about a 4th great grandfather, and truly the people in that group are young and really want to know more about their grandparents and great grandparents.  Everyone in the group is family.  I’ve posted all I can about their very close relations.   I should have chosen my Esalen Group, as it’s a group of a bunch of people who spent time working, volunteering or learning at place Esalen in Northern California.  It is training for the type of therapy that Fritz Pearls invented.  It would not have taken much to get them going.  But I did not realize the other would not work.


So, I decided to use my main Facebook page, because at least I can garner some comments there!!  I have a friends list that currently have 391 people in it.  This is down by more than 10 people because there were people on the list who were very much Trump supporters and were harassing me.  I unfriended and blocked them. 

Graphic that shows my number of friends on Facebook.

Graphic that shows my number of friends on Facebook.

I have learned about lists on Facebook and I have made lists so that I could target specific posts to specific people.  My most personal posts, where I am looking for a pat on the back or a sort of virtual hug goes only to family and my closest friends—these are people who are very supportive of what I say and do and I won’t get dismissive or  other types of negative remarks. 

Part of how I divide up my friends and family on Facebook

Part of how I divide up my friends and family on Facebook

I have another list of just what I call “game friends”.  Basically, these are people that I do not know.  We help each other out on with the games available on the Facebook platform.  I have other lists: people I went to high school with, family lists by surname, lists of people that are friends from specific towns where I lived, Cincinnati, Ohio, Newark and Cloverdale in California.  I have a list that is a bunch of business-oriented friends – clients mostly. 

graphic showing the pages I administer on Facebook

graphic showing the pages I administer on Facebook

graphic showing the pages with adverting I administer on Facebook

graphic showing the pages I administer on Facebook



graphic showing the pages I administer on Facebook

graphic showing the pages I administer on Facebook









The bottom line with my lists is that very little of what I post is generally public and open to the world, and nearly all of it is very targeted to a specific audience.

I have been on Facebook since 2002.  Currently I also manage two “pages” one for a client, Matthew Glavach ( and one for the local American Legion Post, which is not utilized at all.  It was a big waste of time.   The page for is specifically for users of Mr. Glavachs’ books, people who want to ask questions, or are interested in buying a book.  We also announce new products this way.  My vision for the American Legion page was for the group to announce meetings, share photos, and use for communications.  I administer close to a dozen groups including those for family with the surnames of:  Bayley, Coop, Murphy, Rowe, McClaskey & VanAtta.  I run one group for game collaboration, but do not play the game anymore.  I am in the process of merging that group into another so I can give up being administrator.  I run a group for history buffs on local history.

Example of sub-topics in groups

Example of sub-topics in groups

I guess the bottom line is that not only is Facebook a networking platform to begin with, but they provide tools that allow you to participate and invent in very specific ways groupings and lists of people to network with.  I have learned how to do this and participate in very a very targeted manner.  Within those two sub platforms there are other ways to communicate which include a live, in group chatting, and personal & private messaging.

My Facebook Page, Comments and Traffic 

I have a tendency to post material that can be very controversial.  Part of what I feel is my calling is to fight Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  My primary goal is to make a difference for women and children.   I consider Facebook a way to possibly educate people to what the subject is and what it can encompass.  I often use my own personal experiences for various reasons to share situations that help other people recognize what they are living through.  I do the same thing on the blog.  In fact, my Facebook page and blog are two arms of the same tool in this particular way.  I’ve shared pictures of pets, family doings, vehicles, and other stuff.  So, I do the normal posts too.  For the purposes of this particular project, I’m going to use my more political and controversial stuff so that I do have reactions to show off.  You may wish to not read what is posted if you are a sensitive person. It is not my wish to offend anyone, but I realize that I do (all the time). 

A "normal" post

A “normal” post. The Emperor has no clothes on.

beau took my pencil

My dog took my expensive pencil that I bought for math class! Another normal post.

Tagging, Categories, and other meta data

example of tags and categories

Examples of some of my tags and categories that define the nature of the writing for the search engines and those who are searching the web for specific articles.

So far as I know Facebook does not allow tagging on a regular personal post on our specifically owned pages.  (Our homepage, and timeline page) But, they do allow metadata on pages for groups, and the pages for businesses.  The lists allow for descriptions.  So, there is very little, if any tagging or categorizing for this project directly on Facebook.  However, on my blog where I will post the final of this project, the software, WordPress allows for extensive categorizing, and tagging.  So, I will be using those features.    When getting to the end of the article just look down a bit, and you’ll see whatever I have chosen to add via those categories.


Just a note on my blog.  Although my hosting company provides traffic logs and so forth, I do not use them.  I only know when someone comes by and actually sends me a note.  This is not very often.  So, cross messages are allowed and can be public or private.

My blog is not meant to be a tool for self-promotion nor promotion for any business so much.  It’s more of a thing for sharing my life, and my thoughts.  I am very much an open book. 

Please keep in mind that in this Word document that I am writing in a style that I would use on the blog.  (Mostly) short paragraphs, some white space. 

For the sake of documentation, the meta data allowed on the graphics I’ll upload is as follows: alt-text, Title, Caption, Description


Obituary of Bumpus family member

Intervention#1 – FAIL








I think that the word “Intervention,” which I think I would call an experiment, is an interesting word to use for a name for what we were trying to accomplish.  I think of medical procedures when I hear the word. 

My first two attempts of an intervention was in the Rowe, A Pioneer Family group.   Firstly, I posted an obituary for a 5th great uncle, who of course, would be a brother to a 5th great grandfather.  Of a group that includes 90 members, all of them family of one sort or another, the post got 6 seen, one like, and zero posts.  I was disappointed.  I could have put up an obit of someone much more closely related with a name the people recognized and generated a lot more traffic.  So, you have to decide in these genealogy groups for your family do you want to document or gab.  Our group is for both.  Uploading the obituary documents, the death of a family, preserves it for at least as long as the group exists, and shares with cousins.   So, in a way, I accomplished two goals.

My second intervention was simple chit-chat in the group. Talked about newspaper clippings I was finding and that I had found the new sub-topic function and had created sub-topics to make posts more organized.  Didn’t even get a thank you!

My third intervention was not an intentional one at all.  Rather it was a sharing with very close family and friends who are very, very supportive.  I have a tendency to bounce what I am thinking with those that I trust to be sure that I’m on the right track.  Of course, part of what I am saying is that the post was personal in nature.

This post generated 2 likes, 2 sad emojis, and 1 love emoji.  There are 9 comments.

post about dad #1

Intervention #3 – spoke some about domestic violence. Got good and a bad response.

Having said that, it actually got negative comment from family member which surprised me quite a bit.  I erased it because at the time, I didn’t think I’d be using it for schoolwork.  The commentator is a first cousin to my father, was angry about what I said about my father, and wanted me to stop.  So, I erased, deleted, and blocked.  Don’t need that kind of negativity in the least.  My dad is dead and buried, and I am safe, and that means I get to talk about it regardless if she or anyone else likes it or not.   I wrote her a private note saying this before I blocked her.

Intervention #3

Intervention #4

My fourth intervention was simply a post about my schoolwork and what I learned in my Women’s Sexuality and Gender Studies class.  Got some really good participation on that one.  And participation from a family member that I have not heard from in literally years!   It got four likes, one love, and one ha-ha.  I got at least 6 comments, but I am fairly sure Facebook counts where I answer other comments. 

Intervention #14

Intervention #14

A fifth intervention included a post that in the end garnered 27 comments.  It was a comment about the fact that I was learning about gender in class.  I got a private message from a distant cousin about someone married into the family who in an industrial accident had his gender (in his mind) changed in one swoop.  So, it turned out to be a good thing. I learned from it.    This post by the way got only three likes. 

Intervention #5

Intervention #5


Some of the groups I am in do have rules.  In general they are: be nice to people, no flaming, no naked pictures, no racism, no discrimination….the obvious things.
In the groups I run I’ve never put up a set of rules.  There is a point of common sense that I hope that these people follow:  be nice to people, no flaming, no naked pictures, no discrimination…. The obvious things. 

Going back to a comment I made in the class discussion board with a tiny bit of expansion – when I am in a group it’s like I’m in my very own Livingroom have a discussion with others who are thinking with the same purpose or goals.  Even if all the goal is to be close with others.  So, in general, I expect people to act accordingly.  Act like you would face-to-face and remember your manners.  This is how I go into a group as a member and it is how I expect anyone to act in a group that I run.

Having said that, though I have made no rules in my Facebook groups, I do actively monitor them to be sure they are staying safe.  I also run some Yahoo groups for genealogy.  I have always had rules posted there concerning privacy.    I also monitor those closely.

My Group 

Just some last words.  My 391 friends run the gamut from right-wing politics to left-wing.  Conservatives and Liberals.  And it all works so long as everyone keeps respecting others.  The moment I think someone has put down another, called them a name, or in general is just being rude, then I usually delete and block them.  No one is going to come into my living room and start “shit”.   The fact that I keep my page as friends only, and most things marked for only “exclusive” friends on my lists means that really my page is pretty private.  The loudest of the people on my list are those who have chosen a political side.  I “unfollow” the people I don’t agree with and I check in on the page once in a blue moon to be sure they are doing ok.  So, I am hoping that most of the people have been following me long enough that they know about my page is like that living room example, and I am protective of it.  They should be assuming that I want to have my say in peace.  My friends group is just a big bunch of people who have a tendency to have a love of genealogy and politics.  The only thing any of us every disagree on are 1. Politics 2. What I post.   3. Genealogy – When DNA proves that a child is one of your cousins.

#2 –that comes into play when I use examples from my life to tell a story.  I’ve had to people complain.  My sister and a cousin.  My sister called me and asked me to stop talking about family stuff.  I told her I’d quit when I’m dead.  My cousin made a comment to let my dad RIP.  I’ve informed him that he already is, and that I’m not bugging him in the least. I also told her she’d been more honest to say she didn’t want to see the things I wrote. 

3.  DNA has made genealogy very interesting.  I am actually looking for an older 1/2 sister.   But, this past summer I was approached by the adoptive mother of a young cousins (1 time removed).  I was able to identify the father very easily.  I brought it up with family members asking for stories and photos of the kids father for him.  I got politely ignored is what I got.  The father told everyone he was incapable of having children when this one was born.  But, He listed on the original child support papers and DNA from that time proved that 99.6% chance that he was the father.  

Patterns and themes

Right now the patterns and themes that show on my page is mostly of anti-trump statements, memes, and stuff like that, and that is peppered with personal stuff, comments about school work, and links to articles to various topics: CPSTD, PCOS, mental health issues, domestic violence, sexual assault.  Stuff that I read because that is stuff that I have to deal with.  Unfortunately, people who are connected with me just have to deal with it or leave.  I’ve invited a great many to leave over the years, and my block list is HUGE!

 My networks:

Last note: I use twitter to advance ideas that are important to me.  Those have been discussed.  It is because I use twitter that I include the link.


I really didn’t use much in the way of sources—lot’s of what I write about is already in my head!!!  

Have a GREAT rest of your day!!!    Go Beavs!!

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Two Essays for Mid Term for History 202

  1.  European Colonist Arrogance & Native Americans: Culture Clash from the Get-go

Native American’s idea of freedom was mostly different from the white man’s idea of freedom.
They saw land as a gift from God.  Their “ownership” of land often was under a different description than the one that white settlers or even a multicultural society such as the one we live in today would write up and use today.

Some natives did not see their territory as anything they owned at all.  It was home.  It is where they lived.  But it was all done in terms of community.  The norms varied from tribe to tribe, sometimes ownership of a plot of land might be own by a woman in the tribe and be handed down through her family line.  Still another tribe might have a system like one that Europeans would call the “commons” where the whole community could use the land.  In the culture(s) where a person did not own the land the Natives who lived there respected their neighbors enough one tribe could walk across another tribe’s space and it wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. 

Native American definition of freedom would then be the freedom of movement anywhere he/she saw fit so long as he respects all the life, they came across this would have included plants, animals, and the earth itself.  For them freedom would have been partly defined as being allowed to worship, and live as they see fit within their own social norms, cultural rituals, and laws.

Pomo Indians of Northern California lived in a “tribelet” configuration, and the tribelet owned their land.  Their ownership lines were marked by words such as these:    the land they owned was the land in which each “member traveled over, lived on, collected food from, and were buried in.” (1)

The Blackfoot elders often refer to their homeland as “the backbone of the World.” (3) When white settlers moved into their territory, they witnessed their territorial lands became fractionalized.  The People found themselves having to move or assimilate with the new people who move in. (3 )  To this day, this Tribe sees the land in such a way that they have had posters made that say, “This land is my body…” (3 )    This is a good definition of how Native American’s see their relationship with the land.  This definition permeates their whole culture, their entire lives was rooted in their land.

The point being that Native Americans had a well-established culture which handled the “law” and things like the idea of trespass, etc.  Yet, they found it hard to grasp the idea of land ownership as described by the white people who moved in on them and started demanding the land.  For most Natives, the land was not something that was bought and sold. 

When European people came over to America to set up it’s new societies surely some of the first things, they did was to begin to establish boundaries.  Be it a fence, or a hedge row, Europeans seemed quite versed in sectioning up land for personal ownership for each person who could either afford it via monetarily or if they were given lands for various reasons.  For example, more than one of my Pilgrim Ancestor great grandfathers was granted a 20-acre plot during the Plymouth Colony Division of Land of 1623. 

Once the sectioning off of land was begun by the invading Europeans it never stopped.  It was persistent and continuous and went on literally for a three to four hundred years!  It was a simply a matter of time before the stress of those who were descended from the European ancestors started to stress the Natives on their own homeland. 

To make matters worse, those same European ancestors came over to North America with an attitude that there was no one else on the land before them.  Therefore, it was their land to conquer as they saw fit.  What they saw perhaps as land management, the natives might view as abuse of their mother.   These attitudes put the two cultures at diametrically opposed points of view, ways of life at nearly every basic ground point there might be.

One of the many attitudes that the European’s brought with them was an arrogance in terms of other people and their belief systems, along with their way so life (culture, social).  They seemed to look down their nose at persons of color, all of them.  That included Native Americans, people of African descent, and people of Asian descent.  This attitude is still often reflected in society today by some people. 

This arrogance makes it easy to look at another person and decide for them how they should go about their life, as if you were their God!  It is a form of patriarchal oversite that is run by the European self-elected rulers of North America. 

So, if you decide that another person is below the level that see yourself at in terms of perhaps the ability to understand language, writings, laws, and religion then, it makes since that you would not only not want those persons to own property, or be able to vote, nor would you want those persons to have citizenship in your country.  To grant a citizenship to a person in America comes with implied rights and responsibilities.  If you cannot practice the responsibilities, then perhaps you should not have the rights.  Add into the mixture what we call today discrimination, racism, the idea of supremacy and whole social ills and there you have an explanation for why this country went to war of the freeing of black people.  It also explains why giving the Blacks, the Natives, and Women, and certain other Immigrants  the vote would not work for European descendant self – entitled dictators of morality that ran our country then (and now!)

You ask me to plow the ground.  Shall I take a knife and tear my mother’s bosom?  You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell it and be rich like white men.  But dare I cut off my mother’s hair?  

–Anonymous Native America, circa 1880s


  1. FREDRICKSON, VERA-MAE, Mihilakawna and Makahmo Pomo, People of Lake Sonoma., Page 6-7, (1984)US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District. Accessed February 15, 2020.
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3.  WEGNER, WENDY A.  Gathering Tule: Cultural and Ecological Significance of Tule to the Nez Perce in Their Homelands  University of Idaho, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2017. (Page 13, 16, 17)

2.  Civil War Soldiers Beliefs about why they were Fighting

According to the website, “Men on both sides were inspired to fight by patriotism, state pride, the chance for adventure, steady pay. Union soldiers fought to preserve the Union; the common Confederate fought to defend his home. Later in the war, increasing numbers of Federal soldiers fought to abolish slavery, if for no other reason than to end the war quickly. Confederate soldiers sometimes fought because they feared Union victory would result in a society where black people were placed on an even footing with whites.”

Most soldiers knew that the integrity of the state of the nation was at stake.  Some felt as if they were expected to serve.  Author, and Historian, James McPherson came to the conclusion that Union soldiers were quite aware of the issues at hand.  There was a commitment to emancipation within the rank and file.  He wrote that, “…ideals like liberty, equality, and self-government” were not empty abstractions.”   McPherson has pointed out that some soldiers went because they believed they were honestly defending their home and nation from invasion.  Others he said, then went because they were afraid of the “shame of cowardice in the eyes of one’s peers.”  They did not want to give in to fear or be seen as one who did. This historian also points out that were a great many conversations in letters and diaries, there were, “Heartfelt avowals of patriotism to well-informed and often quite sophisticated discussions of the Constitution, states’ rights, nationalism, majority rule, self-government, democracy, liberty and slavery.”

According to a textbook, The National Experience, in the North immigration into the nation had been going gangbusters for a couple of years prior to the breakout of the war.  The North gave “strong inducements” as motivation for them to join the fighting forces.  In the early stages of (Page 331) war many soldiers felt the call of Patriotism and joined up voluntarily.   However, most of the Union Troops volunteered because there were generous bounties given.  These bounties especially attracted those who were poor and/or unemployed.    In March of 1863, the North instituted a draft and around 46,000 troops were gathered up in this way.  

In looking over the American Yawp textbook, I found that most Union Soldiers believed they were helping to preserve the union.  (Chapter 14, first paragraph)

In terms of the Confederate soldiers’ beliefs, David Blight points out in his book, Race and Reunion, on page 141-42 that most soldiers on both sides said they were fighting for “liberty.” On page 191, Blight quotes a couple of confederate soldiers who gave speeches after the war was over.  Specifically, Colonel Richard Lee claimed that he did not fight for slavery, he never considered himself a rebel.   He insisted that basically he and many others were fighting for personal and states’ rights. 

According to historian James Ford Rhodes in his 1917, History of the Civil War,  the people of South Carolina “…saw the election of Lincoln an attack on their cherished institution of slavery and cared no longer for political union with a people who held them to be living in the daily practice of evil.  They regarded the slaves as property…”  Some Confederate Soldiers were fighting for the right to keep the business and ownership of slavery alive. 

According to an old textbook (that I have had since high school!), The National Experience, up to three hundred thousand men were brought in to be soldiers by the Confederacy.  The conclusion about that is clearly up to nearly 1/3 of their fighting force was brought in as a compulsory action by the Confederate Government.  They called this law The Conscription Act of 1862.   I should note that many soldiers volunteered in order to avoid the stigma of being drafted. 

And last, but surely not least, there were the black people who fought.  William Henry Singleton, a former slave, ran away from where he had served a master and went to the Union side immediately and joined the military.  Among all the reasons soldiers fought at least some like William Singleton joined to fight for freedom of his people and abolish slavery. [YAWP READER]

In conclusion, amongst folks who study the Civil War there seems to be an agreed-on idea that most of the soldiers who fought in the Civil war believed they were fighting for patriotic reasons.
Reasons beyond that run in the multitude.  So far as I could tell, all the reasons were valid and reasonable.  As a side note, I asked my husband an eight-year Gulf War Era veteran of the U.S. Army what the men in the Civil War believed in while they fought.  His answer was Patriotism.  Fighting for one’s country.  He said he’d do it again if necessary. 


THE AMERICAN YAWP READER, A Documentary Companion to the American Yawp
Stanford University Press, 2020

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The Civil War: Why They Fought., Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.  James M. McPherson., 22 September 2011 Accessed:  February 15, 2020

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Definition of Right-Wing

What is the right-wing? Who is the right-wing? Why should we care?

Definition of right wing according to the dictionary: the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.

Definition of the right wing by a history professor: the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system, those who believe in adherence to the law, and reflect that in their own definition.

Now, that difference in definition is critical.

Trump most certainly plays his base which is conservative, and I’d say right wing. I’ve never really heard him call himself right wing.

Having said that…how in the world can they consider themselves law abiding and be reactionary (as in violent as some are, and willing to break the law as he does, blatantly, over and over again).

I have concluded: …that there are few true right-wingers out there. Most of them, as far as I can tell, are a bunch of uneducated red necks who are obsessed with what they think is right!

I got news for them all, it might all be right for them, but the world revolves around them about as much as it revolves around me! Compromise is the name of the game in life! Wake up!

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What About Me?

I am 57 yrs old. I have just realized that it really took until now to say, “What about me?” In terms of life, marriage, kids, education, everything. What about me? I’ve given so much, put nearly anyone else first. Now, I get to say, what about me?

Grandfather, Earl Otho Coop. Grandpa’s “Little Sugar Foot” July 1970, One of the people literally saved my life.

Last night Clyde and I were talking about all sorts of stuff. A lot of it was family related -his and mine. He and I just have so many situations in common it’s unreal. There are times when I really wonder if we are not more closely related, and yet, I know we are not. But, it dawned on me…. and I have been on/off close to tears since making this realization. And I wish I was still in therapy because I really think I could use it right now.

My sister tells me she wants me to stop talking about my parents, publicly,  because mistakes happen, and she loves everyone, and I am hurting her feelings. I get all that. But, last night it dawned on me… I was the one that got told by my father that I deserved to die. I was the one told to open the glove compartment so that I could see there was a giant knife in there while that statement was being made. Do you think maybe I took that as a threat to my life??? You can bet your damn bottom dollar that I took that as a threat to my life. I was all of 15 or 16 when that happened.

Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy living that I am still processing this crap. That’s the bottom line!

No one’s hurt feelings comes before mine at this point in my life.  No ones! I’ve lived through enough.

For some reason, I see even my sister asking me to quit talking about this as a form of abuse. I get that it hurts her feelings, but I don’t get why in the world I should shut up about mine. We are at opposite ends I guess.

I am afraid, that I have probably lost her. I don’t know for sure. I know my sister would NEVER purposely hurt me. And I had realized already that she really doesn’t get that she’s part of the old guard in terms of how she’s reacting to all this. I know that my talking about this has caused her to leave Facebook.

Until very, very recent years, I’ve really never taken the time to make my problems or issues about me so much. I think it’s just time and I think it’s a good thing. I’m sorry if I hurt other people. The fact of the matter is, that my Facebook page is not by default marked public. My opinions, pains, and joys are shared with friends only. I even have my “friends” divided up. The most personal of personal is only shared with people that I consider close friends or family. I don’t hide any thing from family because the younger ones, in my opinion, deserve the truth. And I will tell ya, there is no my truth or dad’s truth when it comes to telling a kid they deserve to die –no matter what the reason was. At the time though, he said it was because I was too much like my mother. That side of the family was rough, tough, and frickin’ mean as hell. That is just the truth. And there are reasons for it all. And NO, I don’t consider threatening a child’s life as a “mistake”.

Someone in their late 30’s knows exactly what they are saying and doing, and saying something like that to your own daughter is just outrageous and uncalled for on ANY level. I did not deserve then, and I don’t deserve the associated issues that I’ve dealt with my entire life. People who try to shut people down, people like me, are only showing their own ignorance when they do that. They are showing how uneducated they are about the matter. They are showing that they are the one’s who are more than willing to sweep the crap under the rug. I do not belong to that club. I have NEVER belonged to that club. My step-father would have never ended up in jail if I belonged to that club. And I would not be as far as I am in life (which by normal standards, I’m not all that far at all) if I were part of that club. I would not be striving for mental health for myself and my kids if I were part of that club. I’ve had BOTH feet in that club without even consciously knowing it for years and years and years…. nothing is ever going to change that now.

In fact, when you consider just about any action I’ve ever taken in my life, it goes back to the fact that I’ve actively striven to 1.) break the cycle 2.)Not sweep anything under the rug.  

I’ve given, and I’ve given….played the martyr, been the good wife, good mother, gave up education, health, lifespan, time…  done everything expected of someone my gender and MORE.    “What about Me?”

I am the most emotionally healthy member of my original primary family. That is just the facts.  And yet, the fall out and the costs are terribly great.    And yet, it still…really, really feels so bad.  There will come a day when a broken heart will most certainly get the better of me, one way or another.  

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