Mental Health is the Issue, NOT Guns!

Prayers for all folks who are affected by today’s shootings. It’s time for a letter writing campaign to Washington D.C. Of course, there will be new discussions about gun control. We can take them out of the hands of the law abiding citizens and these ‘bad guys’ will still get them and do their damage. My opinion in this case is that I think we need to concentrate more as a nation on mental health issues. My guess is that we are going to find over and over again some serious mental health issues going on here.

Something needs to be done to reign in the people who need the help the worst, and set them on a path of peacefulness. We need to help them turn off the voices in their head. A law to force them to take their medications might be just the thing (sorry to say it). I can say this because I have a bi polar son who is psychotic during his manic episodes. And I can see him doing something like what happened today, and **IF** I could sign a piece of paper, and put him into a ‘group home’ for his sake and for societies sake right now, I’d do it without a hesitation. So many parents out there stand by their kids, do the best they can, and watch in horror as mental illness takes these children away. And they are scared because they know what could happen… and they tell people they are scared. Mental Health must be a priority, is my best guess, and it should have been yesterday.

Here in Oregon a group wants to build ‘group homes’ for adults with mental illness. And most people are screaming, “NOT IN MY BACKYARD”… Which just makes me angry. Don’t they know these people are already in their backyard? They don’t look any different from you or me. You can’t “see” what is going on in their head. I don’t want to ‘lock them up to be mean to them’. It’s a compassionate response, it’s a frustrated response. I for one want my baby back and I’d be glad to put the legal foot down if I could.  And don’t tell me there was nothing wrong with today’s shooter or even Monday’s shooter. No one in their right mind does this stuff. Something was wrong, they had issues!

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