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Is it a Laugh for Today?

A cousin sent this little funny (?) political cartoon to me tonight.  I have to admit that I really laughed at it. But then a thought struck me.  This one is actually dated already.   Steve Bannon hasn’t been the lead … Continue reading

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From a Never Trumper

Could it be, that the people who support Trump look at his life and with a bit of envy just want to have all that money too? That if they realize it, that is partly why they vote the way … Continue reading

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It is News to Me!

Russia is not unique, but it is one of the few countries in the world with a negative population growth. America’s population is growing, but statistically it’s because there is still a healthy migration pattern in from other places in … Continue reading

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Ethnic Cleansing, etc…

What Trump is allowing right now is called Ethnic Cleansing. Let’s just call it what it is. Continue reading

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Non Sequitur, Trump Tool #1

Trump is a master of fallacy. Continue reading

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