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VanAtta video   My cousin made this video, and it is very good. Anyone with the Vanatta surname in their background really wants to see this!! Variations on the name include: VanEtten (the original form), Vanattor, VanAtter, Vannatta, etc. The name … Continue reading

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Read this!

Good Day Everyone— I hope everyone is well. I’m writing about something very important. Please read the whole email.Today, I found out that a license that I deal with has been compromised. It has been used to activate the product … Continue reading

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My Newest Rant

Mental Illness, Drugs, and **MY** Kid! My open letter to representatives.  This was sent to Federal, State, and County levels, including the local District Attorney! It also went to committee members of the Oregon State Legislature where we live. Part … Continue reading

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One of My All Time Favorite Quotes!

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” ~Henry David Thoreau This quote got me through college. It helped me to place my … Continue reading

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A better website to come!

Please bear with me! I know you are here to glean whatever genealogical information you can and that’s ok, that’s why it’s here! But, a lot of my stuff was WAY out of date, and so here I am, ready … Continue reading

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Hilary Marckx & 45-90

Hey Everyone! Here’s some odd news for you! I’m a band promoter now. Have been for a while now. I’m promoting Hilary Marckx & 45-90 a really LARGE CALIBER Rockabilly band from Sonoma County, CA. I’m trying to get them … Continue reading

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Take Your Medicine!

About two weeks ago, my 42 year old husband had what is being called a “mild” heart attack.  It was his third, my first. We drove 70 miles to a hospital that our insurance would accept, and found out when … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a good wish from me and mine to you, That you and yours have a very happy, God filled, and Lovely, Happy Thanksgiving!

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